Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Its Cold Outside

Scarf c / o: Style Girl// Leggings c / o: Pink Blush// Sweater: H&M// Boots: (similar)

I can hardly believe it is the middle of November and we don't have any snow. It is getting so stinkin' cold out there but no snow yet. I don't remember a November without snow. Actually, I hardly remember an October without snow. As a kid you would pray that there wouldn't be snow for Halloween. However, without fail, Halloween would roll around and you'd be putting that snow suit over top of your costume. Pouting all the way because what is even the point of wear a costume if you have to cover it up with a marshmallow suit! Joke was on me though the year I complained too much and my mom made me into a giant puffy pumpkin so that my costume was basically my snow suit… That is still my most hated costume I ever had to wear. Good thing now that I can dress myself, all I need to keep me warm is this amazing scarf from Style Girl. I never want to take it off!

So here we are mid November and I wake up every morning terrified to look outside thinking…"just one more day of no snow please..just one more!?" But now I'm starting to get concerned. Like will we have snow for Christmas? Of course we will…but it's a legit concern. I've never not had a white Christmas before! Christmas doesn't even feel like it's on it's way without any snow.

Anyways, enough about Christmas. It's almost American Thanksgiving! I have to tag American on the front because well we already had Canadian Thanksgiving and I'm really not used to this two holidays with the same name thing. Which made me wonder the other day how we will raise our kids because well obviously we will celebrate both Thanksgivings. Like, duh, who doesn't want TWO turkey days in their life. But, will they be the weird kids at school who celebrate all these double holidays, know the metric system and the weird A system that makes zero sense, how to tell temperature in celsius and fahrenheit, and call a knitted hat a beanie and a toque?

I probably just need to calm down. I mean, we are not even pregnant yet and I'm wondering what our children will call knitted hats.

Moral of my ramblings is….. My heart wants snow and my head says no. I'm still confused how Christmas isn't the next Holiday. I want my kids to be very Canadian like me! Also, I just like seriously have been chowing down the Canadian chocolate my mom just sent me. Oh, we didn't talk about that up there? Well….you guys… I ate it for breakfast yesterday…for shame.



  1. i LOVE that scarf! gorgeous look!

    xx nikki

  2. i go to school in utah and go home for christmas in california, and i go from snow to snow! i have to admit, as much as i don't enjoy the snow, it does make for a beautiful christmas!!

    xoxo, kiely

    1. it said to leave my blog address so here it is: :)

  3. Haaaa....I still remember that costume! Orange pumpkin, purple snowsuit! Gotta love it, and someday you can talk about the hurricane force Chinook Winds that we all have a love hate relationship with here in good old Alberta! That's why we all have multiple cans of industrial hair spray and walk with our parts to the wind! Lol But oh the welcomed sight of that Chinook Arch on the western horizon.


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