Thursday, October 16, 2014

Piece by Piece by Piece

Tee: Everlane// Leggings: Pink Blush// Watch: Feral Watches// Hat: Pacsun// 
Plaid Shirt: Hubby's closet 

*I am going to walk you through this outfit piece by piece because you deserve to know the amazingness that is each item.*

First off, these leggings. Leggings are a hard find. Good, quality leggings anyways. These ones are just the right amount of thickness and softness. Also, they have a zipper on the side legs that adds a nice touch to show off when you want! Get them. You'll live in them.

Secondly, this t-shirt. Have you ever tried something on and just knew you two were meant to be? That was me and this t-shirt. I plan to own it in every colour and I am already half way there. I also plan to own every item sold by Everlane at some point in my life. I adore them. Good quality, decent prices, and great basics. Adore.

Third, this watch. I have always wanted to be a watch person but I'm picky when it comes to accessories. This watch though. I can't get enough of it. That is all.

Fourth, the hat. It's grey, its awesome, I love it. Enough said. So let's move on the that plaid shirt. Can I tell you that being married has it's perks. Not your obvious perks I'm talking about either. It's that your own wardrobe seems to multiply because all the sudden men's wear isn't just for men. So yah. There's that. 

I love this outfit because every piece in it is brought together to really define my style. I love comfy, love casual, love classy, love chic, love grey, I love fashion! I love the way putting different items on can make me feel. I love that separately I adore each and every one of these pieces and for different reasons. I love that when I bring them all together in to one outfit, I simply feel like me.

What outfit or pieces make you, you?

Happy almost weekend. I honestly can't keep my days straight and had to look at what day it is. I'm tired…



  1. such a cute look! your hair is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  2. Love this outfit! Especially the hat!

    xoxo, Gabrielle

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