Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfect Fall Bundle.

 Cargo Jacket: Pink Blush// Scarf: Shop Strands// Tee: Madewell

I am always in search of new basic staple pieces for each season. This jacket, scarf, and tee are just right! This scarf is the Zara look alike, but from what I've been told it's actually its superior. It's the perfect size and so cozy. I want to wear it with everything! It goes perfectly with this Navy cargo jacket! Also, if you are as much of a lover of a comfy tee like I am then you need this one and now its on sale! Bonus! 

As for life lately…I am currently trying to win the battle over a nasty cold. I have to say, I am NOT a good sick person. I am just so sad that my body would betray me and make me feel blah. So I'm basically just a sad sap all day long feeling bad for myself. Haha. So bring on the Netflix, Hulu, and tea. You will not win this war head cold. You will not.



  1. you are rockin the half-up bun look!

  2. haha aw I'm so sorry you're sick! :( At least there is tea and internet tv! haha I seriously love this outfit. I really want one of these scarves, but the one you have is sold out... I like the green too, so do I get the green or wait for the restock of the tan?!

  3. gorgeous look! love that scarf!

    xx nikki


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