Monday, October 27, 2014

Lover of Life

I am so excited to be one of My Sister's Tee newest brand rep! I love the concept behind the company My Sister's Tee. There is so much negative in this world that sometimes it's hard to feel positive, hopeful and happy. I find myself in that situation often and have to remind myself that there is so so much to be grateful for and happy about! I AM a lover of life. Yes, I do get upset and sad sometimes and that is normal. However, I want to love life and everything about. Embrace the bad days and love the good ones! So this tee is perfect. I also love the concept behind uplifting one another. Sometimes as women it can be hard to not feel jealous or compare ourselves to other women around us. Especially when it comes to social media of all kinds. It can make us feel negative towards people who seem to have more than us or those beautiful perfect lives. What we really need to do is encourage each other, uplift each other, be happy for one another and our accomplishments. 

So let's just love life and love each other. Doesn't that sound a lot happier anyways?! It sure does to me! I am making this one of my goals to work on! 

Happy Monday and stay tuned for the latest and greatest from My Sister's Tee because I will be sharing when they have sales and discounts for all you lovely readers!



  1. Cutest tee! And you styled it so well :) I need to get myself some booties like those... love them!

  2. i love that hat!

    xx nikki


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