Monday, October 13, 2014

Being Canadian in the USA.

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday. It's been really hard for me to be away from my family lately. Especially when a holiday rolls around and they are all together...minus me. It stinks. However, sometimes you just have to make the best of things and convince your friends to celebrate another countries holiday. If you include good food, I mean, it doesn't take that much convincing. 

It was perfect. I made a ton of decorations, made yummy yummy food, invited our most favorite peeps, they also brought delicious food, and I took zero pictures. Which husband literally told me was "a blogger epic fail." Thanks hunny. But really, in my mind...the best parties, the happiest moments, they don't show up in pictures. Simply because you are too busy enjoying the food, enjoying the company, and too busy laughing to even think of picking that phone up and taking a picture. So, blogger epic fail? Yup. Totally. Good friend/hostess/ happy person being distracted from homesickness? Total. Complete. Epic. Pass with flying colours. 

I couldn't be a more lucky person. I am so blessed with family who facetimed with me to teach me how to make brussel sprouts, tell me I'm awesome, and remind me they miss me and love me. I am SO blessed with friends who are really my Utah family. Who help me when I am in need. Most times when I don't even need to ask for it. I am so so blessed with amazing opportunities in this life. I am blessed with an amazing husband who gives me highfives and tells me I throw amazing dinner parties, and who humours me with telling me my crafting obsessions look amazing. I am blessed and I am thankful. 

Cheers to all my Canadian loves. I haven't forgotten about you. And yes, a toque is still a toque...even if I call it a beanie.



  1. Beanie or toque doesn't really matter! What matters most is that regardless which word you use we love you! Missed ya this weekend but so glad your celebration was the best!
    P.S. Ok truth, it matters to your brother! Lol

  2. Love this girl. Missing family is so hard but it sounds like you made the best of what could have been a lonely holiday! Sounds like you shared that holiday with people that mean more than pictures, and I love it! Thanks for sharing (kiss-face emoji).


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