Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm a Lumberjack Yoga-er

Chambray: GAP// Jeggings: AE// Booties: Aeropostale// Vest: similar (better!!!)

I have had this vest ever since I borrowed it so much from a roommate at BYU that I'm pretty sure she made me buy it off of her. It's my favourite and I am pretty sure I look forward to wearing it as soon as theres even an ounce of chill in the air. I will be wearing it to every bonfire had this season. Every. Single. One. I cannot for the life of me even remember where it came form besides my roommates closet so I searched high a low for a look a like. You're welcome because I found one for you that is even better. Pricier but better. Like it is probably worth every stinkin penny because you'll wear it for seasons to come. Also, it will give you the desire and maybe even the man power to chop down a tree. So there's that. 

Anyways, it's Tuesday and I'm in my yoga gear sipping tea. I'm gonna pick my booty up off this couch because my mind and body are in deep need of some yogaing. That's not a word but it most certainly is a thing. K? K.


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