Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Transition

 Skirt: (similar) Hat: (similar) (Ariel) Jewelry: Fifth and Mae

The transition into Fall is making me a little giddy I won't lie. I'm excited to start layering and to wear hats without my forehead sweating. The feeling of the nights getting just the little twinge of cool air to them has me all happy to put a sweater on. I have loved everything about summer though. It's been such a good one! So for the mean time I will just slowly be transitioning my wardrobe from Summer in to Fall and I'm liking it! This maxi skirt is rocking my world. First of all it's grey and well I love everything grey. Second its a maxi skirt and I've wanted one for such a long time but they are always too long for me. Finally I broke down and got this one and just resorted to the trusty ol' tie it up technique. I use it on shirts ALL the time and so I figured ehh why the heck not give it a try! Turns out I kind of love it. So here is the short girls version of a maxi skirt transition into cooler weather. Plus throw a burgundy hat in there and no one is mad about it!

So I figure here I am just all excited about the change in weather (which by the way never happens) mostly because I think I'm just excited about life right now. I'm on a being newly married life is awesome high right now. Then bam winter is going to hit and Imma be miserable. So let's just enjoy this happy moment and rejoice in chilly Autumn weather and live in the moment. 'Cause when that first snow flakes shows it's face....some tears will be shed.

And that's all I have to say about life right now. I love burgundy hats, cool night air, dainty happy jewelry and the notion my mind has that Winter will never come.

A Happy Monday to you all.



  1. you are just the cutest!!! love the hat miss!!


  2. Im right there with you! I love a good scarf and sweater :)

  3. Obsessed with that hat, I need one for myself! Also good shortening a maxi skirt tip, I always struggle with the length too!
    An Unblurred Lady

  4. Love this! The pocket on your maxi is seriously the cuuuutest. And I love that you tied it up! I'm going to have to try that one mine since I'm kind of a shorty too :)


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