Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm a Lumberjack Yoga-er

Chambray: GAP// Jeggings: AE// Booties: Aeropostale// Vest: similar (better!!!)

I have had this vest ever since I borrowed it so much from a roommate at BYU that I'm pretty sure she made me buy it off of her. It's my favourite and I am pretty sure I look forward to wearing it as soon as theres even an ounce of chill in the air. I will be wearing it to every bonfire had this season. Every. Single. One. I cannot for the life of me even remember where it came form besides my roommates closet so I searched high a low for a look a like. You're welcome because I found one for you that is even better. Pricier but better. Like it is probably worth every stinkin penny because you'll wear it for seasons to come. Also, it will give you the desire and maybe even the man power to chop down a tree. So there's that. 

Anyways, it's Tuesday and I'm in my yoga gear sipping tea. I'm gonna pick my booty up off this couch because my mind and body are in deep need of some yogaing. That's not a word but it most certainly is a thing. K? K.


Monday, September 29, 2014

My Go To Fall Look

fall outfot

Since the cooler weather is creeping up a little quicker on us I wanted to share with you all my favourite go to look to keep cozy. This look is cozy, comfortable and chic all wrapped into one warm bundle of happy. Ok, but seriously it's awesome. Most of these items you already may have in your closet so it will be easy to put this look together yourself! 

1. Black Jeggings- These are a must in your closet! Well I know they are in mine. They slim your legs and keep you warm and comfortable. You can find some great options at buffalo jeans. They have a few different fun options!

2. A cozy knit oversized sweater. Perfect for tossing over those black jeggings to get a classic cozy look. H&M never disappoints in the sweater department of things.

3. Beanie and Scarf- I obviously love grey because it has cozy written all over it. Another color I am loving lately is olive green. It's gorgeous on every skin tone with every hair color. H&M is also my go to for these items. 

4. Booties - I love me some awesome booties. Now you don't have to spend a million dollars to get a great pair. However I would suggest investing a bit extra money for good quality. When you find a pair you love, you want them sticking around season after season. I highly recommend Steven Madden for this! 

5. Dark Lipstick. My favorite dark burgundy lipstick right now is Oxblood from Aveda. It's so flattering and fun!

So there you have my most favourite go to cozy, comfy, chic look for Fall...that will and should also transition in to winter!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Floral + Pink Blush Giveaway!

Maxi Cardigan: Pink Blush // Floral Tank: Pink Blush // Booties: Blow Fish Shoes

Today concludes Pink Blush week and since it's Friday (TGIFFFFF!) I am of course ending in the comfiest outfit ever. This maxi cardi made a sound like it was coming down from heaven when I tried it on. It's comfy, light weight, cozy, and it's grey. Hello…if this doesn't scream Lo then I'm not sure what article of clothing does. Now, let's talk floral. I know floral is all Spring and Summer but I'm here to say that I am bringing floral in to Fall. I just cannot give it up that easily. So Fall is coming with me in to this season and I know no one is mad about it. Basically I got my permission when I found these booties with a fun floral print inside and then this tank top came my way and I was all…Floral can come with me anywhere. 
Do you need some floral to come with you in to Fall? Well I am here a long with Pink Blush to try and make that happen! Along with code LoveLo15 that will get you 15% at check out, we are also teaming up to bring you a $25 gift card to shop at Pink Blush. Enter below and enjoy your weekend! I know I will… I'm being lazy guys…lazy and eating…I am eating food!!! I may have never been so excited to eat food before. So ya…go eat some food to! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pink Blush Week: Fall Patterns

 Sweater: Pink Blush

One of the best things about the weather cooling down is being able to wear cozy oversized sweaters. This sweater is one of the coziest plus comfiest plus cutest around! I love animal print all year round but I REALLY love animal print in the Fall. Mostly because the colours are neutral and add enough of a pop without having to had any colour. Love it.  Another bonus to wearing oversized comfy sweaters is being able to always pair them with leggings. Because in this case, leggings are pants people. So there.
Other prints I am loving for Fall are: Plaid(obviously), camo, and stripes!  

In other news, I've been doing a juice cleanse. So far so good. Except for that part where my husband ate fries in front of me. FRIES people. Only my most difficult food to say no to and give up. It was rude. Also, excusing myself to the loo every few minutes is sort of exhausting but that's probably TMI. Just think about it though… one juice, one water, one juice, one water…etc. ALL day long. So it makes sense right? Anyways, I'll be blogging about it and such once I am done! Like I said though, so far so good.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pink Blush Week: Dressy Layers

 Cardigan: Pink Blush// Shirt: Pink Blush

So now that it's officially the Fall season, all I want to do is wear boots and sweaters. It's like my mind can't think of anything else. Even if it is still blistering hot outside at mid day. At least the mornings are chilly and so are the nights. So that's good enough for now. I've been waiting to pull out these boots since I put them away and brought out my Spring/ Summer shoes. These boots are my favourite. They are dressy but still fun, and so comfortable. Also, this sweater from Pink Blush had my name written all over it. Perfect for dressing up or down, but always comfortable and cozy. I love the print it has on it. In my mind this outfit is perfect for a date night out! Which just so happens to be my favourite night of the week! 
Some fun Fall date night ideas that I am SO looking forward to are:

* Picnics in the leaves + our new cute picnic basket!
* Hikes in the changing mountains. I love the feeling of Fall changes in the air.
* Hot chocolate dates. ( It's how we met!)
* Snuggled up movie nights in with treats and cozy blankets and pyjamas. Probably have to make an indoor fort.
*Carving/painting pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds
*Corn maze races
*Halloween parties and getting dressed up together
* Etc. Etc. Etc.

It just so happens that this change of season has come at the right time! We all know I tend to get a little antsy when things stay the same too long. I need change!! I love change. Fall means new adventures, a new season of being married, new babies being born, new new new! It makes me excited and so happy!

What do you love most about the Fall season?

And don't forget to use code LoveLo15 for 15% off your purchase at Pink Blush!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Pink Blush Week: Autumn Layers Hippie Style

 Lace Cardi: Pink Blush// Tank: Pink Blush// Jeans: Aeropostale// Booties: Aeropostale

Happy first day of Fall! I'm ringing in the new season with stepping in to my most comfortable style. I love love. I love nature. I love being a free spirit. I'm a hippie. Not the pot smoking, free love kind. Just the easy breezy going, braids in hair, flowy top kind. The perfect kind if you ask me. So I love finding pieces of clothing that reflect this style of mine. I absolutely fell in love with this lace cardigan so so much. Once I saw it I knew I had to have it! It is the perfect layering piece for fall. Especially here in Utah where the warm weather is just sticking around but I'm ready to layer up! Throw this breezy light weight cardigan over top of a tank or tee and call it a day! A fun, easy going, nature loving day! 
Also, I've been loving braid so much lately. I feel like when I toss a quick braid in my hair I feel so cute and put together. I've been experimenting with braids so get ready for some different braid looks to go along with Pink Blush week over here! And keep your eyes open for a giveaway with Pink Blush at the end of the week! In the mean time, if you head over to their site and just need to buy something right this second, don't fret! I've got 15% off for you if you use code LoveLo15 at check out!

So happy first day of Fall and happy Monday! 


Friday, September 19, 2014

Ending Off Wedding Week With a Treat!

Photography: Lori Romney Photography

After all the hard work and much much muuuuch deliberation on all decorations, flowers, colours, small touches, the food was what we got the most compliments on. Go figures. "I'm only here for the food" ring a bell anyone? If you can name that movie…I will…give you a thousand hugs. Anyways, our most favourite restaurant catered our wedding. And by most favourite I am not exaggerating. You might think it just looks like an array of salads, sandwiches and fries. You would be right. You would also be wrong. These are THE BEST salads, sandwiches and fries you will ever have the pleasure of eating. I am not lying to you. Cubby's is the best. I eat there once a week. It's an addiction but not a problem. So my point is that if you are ever in this area of Utah, you are going to want to look it up and go. Every day. That is all.  Also, cupcakes and s'mores you guys. No one is mad about that! Except that I didn't get to eat either of them. I am mad about that. I did however hear that those cupcakes we delectable. I don't even doubt it cause the girl who made them is quite awesome herself. Now go check out our wedding video below. I dare you not to cry…and laugh… I do every time.

 Video by: Aaron Johnson Videos

To end off Wedding Week, I wanted to give you all a personal special look into our wonderful day. This video means the world to us and I absolutely tear up EVERY time I watch it. Our videographer just happened to also be our personal good friend. He is so so talented and such a joy to work with. I highly recommend making sure you add a wedding videographer to your list of wedding day musts. It captures all the little moments that you otherwise might miss out on. This video is the cherry on top of all of the wedding bliss.
Thank you all for your love, support and kind words. Also, a BIG thanks to everyone who helped make this day so special for us. Pictures, flowers, decor, video and all the small details. I will cherish everything about this wedding for all time! I've said it before and I will say it again, I am the absolute luckiest.