Monday, August 25, 2014

Honeymoon Vacation Week

outfit: Aeropostale// hat: H&M

Summer is on it's way out. Yet, I still have the beach on my mind. Probably because my skin is still pink from that Hawaiian sunshine. So this week I will be sharing with you my Hawaiian honeymoon outfits! These outfits will also be a good way to transition while the days are still warm but the nights start to cool down. 

During the day it's still hot hot hot. Especially if you are on vacation somewhere extra warm! But the nights can get a bit chilly and if you are out watching the sunset or having a fire, you want something to cover up those arms. What could be more perfect than a chambray? The answer is nothing. Chambray shirts are so versatile and perfect for layering. I'll admit I own quite a few and every time I see one I convince myself I need just one more. At least they all get put to good use! 

I absolutely love this weather where you start to layer up but you are never cold! Plus these thunder storms you guys. I LOVE them!!! 

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had a great great weekend!



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