Sunday, August 10, 2014

10 Dorm Room Essentials + Kleenex

*A big thanks to Kleenex for sponsoring this post! All my opinions and views on these products are my own! #Kleenexstyle

Well, I've been a little MIA from the blog world. A main thanks to trying to get our new home all put together and looking/feeling like home. While I've been doing this I have been thinking about my very first home away from home. My first time away from home and my very first place to decorate myself! Now, I'm not super proud of how I decorated, as my style has changed quite a bit! Looking at the options now that I would have chosen I get so excited for decorating and making our new home ours. Walmart has so many great options for your fresh new collage students, and also for us who wish we could go back and do it all again! So here are my top ten picks for your dorm room must haves!

1.  Comfortable and stylish bedding - you want to want to go to bed. Trust me by the end of the day I ALWAYS look forward to crawling in to my comfortable and cute bed.
2. Decorative board - I love these boards you can hang up! You can stick pictures, notes, reminders, quotes, anything you want in them!
3. Bed linens - As important as the comforter you place on top of your bed. These need to be cozy and stylish as well! Matching your rooms theme.
4. Extra shelving - A place to put your books, socks, hair essentials, really anything that needs to be organized and out of the way but still with easy access.
5. Storage boxes - That aren't eye sores. These make for great places to keep anything that needs keeping. Yet, you don't have to place it out of sight because you can choose whatever colour you need to match your room.
6. Mini Fridge - a bonus to this fridge is you can write your grocery list right on it as a reminder! Plus it just keeps your favourite must have snacks close to you.
7. Tide Pods - I wish I had these while in collage. I LOVE these! It keeps things organized as you have your detergent and softener all in one small pod. No more bulky bottles all over.
8. MORE storage - I am all about organization and having things put away so your room looks nice and tidy.
9. Closet doubler - hang this in your closet and you have more space to hang more things. What girl doesn't need that?
10. Tissues- Kleenex Expressions Oval Tissue keeping these adorable boxes close to your bed or anywhere in your home makes for easy access when you need them. Spills, tears, smudged makeup, or that ever so terrifying spider crawling on your wall…

Kleenex has done it again! Making everyday life more stylish with their Expressions Oval Tissue line. I love that the colours match my rooms theme and I know you can find one that matches yours! These make those everyday sneezes and tears and spills an easy clean up.  These specific oval chevron designs are only available for a limited time at your nearest Walmart so hurry over and stock up!

All the looks above can be found at Walmart along with all your other dorm room needs! Make sure you grab Kleenex to add to your stylish room though because everyone will be asking where you got yours as they hide their boring tissues away in a closet!

Find your nearest Walmart  and snag these while you still can! And good luck styling your rooms!


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