Monday, July 28, 2014


Jacket, Tank, Sandals: Aeropostale

Aeropostale has a whole new look and it's launching TODAY! You need to go check it out! Aero is dedicated to having so many options for everyone's unique style out there. It is all about how YOU the buyer wears it. After all we are all unique. Something I love about style and fashion is seeing someone who owns the same item as me but styles it completely differently. We all have our own style and more than ever I think people are starting to realize one item doesn't have to be worn just one way! 

I wouldn't normally have grabbed this tank top off the racks. It's colourful and full of a fun pattern. However, I'm trying to branch out a little from my comfort zone and as I've done so I have fallen in love with so many more fun items! This tank top being one of them! I loved pairing it with this denim jacket and white jeans for a late summer night. I also cannot wait to style it while I am in Hawaii next month! Then in the fall this dressy tank will make for the perfect layering item underneath a cardigan. One shirt. Two seasons. Three ways. 

#AERONOW shopping event starts at 4pm TODAY and if you make sure to stick around after 6pm be ready for an after party!

So make sure you check out AERONOW. All new clothes, all new ideas, all new you.



  1. Love this whole look! That top and denim jacket look amazing paired with the white denim! I need to check out Aeropostale!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Live this tank and you styled it perfectly! I need to check out Aeropostale!

    Heidi D.


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