Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stepping out of my comfort zone + $50 Giveaway!

Dress: KiKi La'Rue

Sometimes we could all use a little shove in the right direction and out of our own comfort zones. Whatever zone it may be, adventure, sports, hair-style, make-up, or of course clothes… it can be kind of terrifying. 

Today I am stepping straight out of my comfort zone and in to this beautiful purple maxi. When I first received this dress I was nervous to try it on. After all it is not my usual tom boy chic. But, how beautiful is this dress? That is exactly how I felt once I put it on. So beautiful. The fabric is light and flows wonderfully all the way from shoulders to feet. It is now one of my most favourite items that I own. 

This just goes to show that venturing out of your regular comfortable clothing zone is for your own good! You will most likely find things that make you feel beautiful in a whole new way. Plus it will expand your wardrobe which is never a bad thing! 
So my challenge to you is to head on over to KiKi La'Rue, find your favourite item but make sure it is out of your comfort zone, and then enter the $50 giveaway below! 
If you find something that you just HAVE to have right now, KiKi La'Rue is having their biggest sale of the year! Christmas in July brings you 35-40% off everything the store has to offer. Go ahead and use code SWEATYSANTA for 35-40% off everything store wide! This sale lasts the next two days! So head over now!

Challenge accepted? GOOD!


Monday, July 28, 2014


Jacket, Tank, Sandals: Aeropostale

Aeropostale has a whole new look and it's launching TODAY! You need to go check it out! Aero is dedicated to having so many options for everyone's unique style out there. It is all about how YOU the buyer wears it. After all we are all unique. Something I love about style and fashion is seeing someone who owns the same item as me but styles it completely differently. We all have our own style and more than ever I think people are starting to realize one item doesn't have to be worn just one way! 

I wouldn't normally have grabbed this tank top off the racks. It's colourful and full of a fun pattern. However, I'm trying to branch out a little from my comfort zone and as I've done so I have fallen in love with so many more fun items! This tank top being one of them! I loved pairing it with this denim jacket and white jeans for a late summer night. I also cannot wait to style it while I am in Hawaii next month! Then in the fall this dressy tank will make for the perfect layering item underneath a cardigan. One shirt. Two seasons. Three ways. 

#AERONOW shopping event starts at 4pm TODAY and if you make sure to stick around after 6pm be ready for an after party!

So make sure you check out AERONOW. All new clothes, all new ideas, all new you.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Bachelorette Party in a Tulle Skirt

Tulle Skirt: Bliss Tulle// Flats: Aeropostale

I cannot believe this wedding I have been planning for over three months is now only 3 weeks away. THREE WEEKS! Today begins my bachelorette party weekend and I am so excited! Ok, maybe I'm a bit nervous because if anyone knows me I am a bit of a prude and yes my cheeks turn bright red at the mention of certain body parts…but here we go! I am SO grateful for friends that have been planning this weekend and friends that will be there! I know it is going to be a blast with some of my favourite girls! 

Also, I get to be all dressed in white and what could be more perfect than a tulle skirt!? This skirt from Bliss Tulle takes me back to my ballerina days! It also makes me feel so beautiful and ready for a FUN night! I have been trying to wait until tonight to wear this skirt for the first time but you guys…I have found every excuse to wear it in the mean time. I  just love love love it! Paired with a gold waist band and a pop of pink in my shoes and there you have my wedding colours! 

Well I'm off to go pack and get myself prepped for tonights madness! I hope you all have a fun and fantastic weekend! Friday Friday Friday…we all love you!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sneak Peak + Guest Post

Hey all! Today you can find me guest posting over at Mindy Mae's Market about my bridal shower look.

Head on over and take a look and I will be sharing my bridal shower look here on Love,Lo in the next couple weeks!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Kameleonz Summer Giveaway

Sunglasses: Kameleonz// Tote: Aeropostale// Swim Suit: Victoria Secret// Kimono: H&M

Can you believe summer is almost half way out the door? I really can't and do not want to! So Kameleonz and I wanted to bring you another fun summer time giveaway. Let's be honest though. You can rock Kameleonz sunnies any season of the year. What is super fun and awesome about the sunglasses they offer is that you can buy one pair and have multiple different side colours to change out! It's great to be able to change the colour with your mood. Or outfit of course.

There really isn't anything fun about summer coming to close. Well actually, I can think of one fun thing. Swim suits start to go on sale. I scored this Victoria Secret suit over half off! Definitely go check Victoria Secret Swimwear out now and score some amazing deals! We do still have quite a few weeks of this heat left after all.

Make sure you enter the Kameleonz Sunnies giveaway below! But, if you just can't wait and find yourself needing some of this glasses RIGHT this second, head on over and enter code LOVELO at checkout for %20 off!

Happy Monday, and Happy Summer.


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

$350 Beach Essentials Giveaway

We all know how much I adore the beach and everything to do with the sun, sand, and water. So this giveaway is coming to you straight from my heart and soul!


There's nothing like going to the beach on a beautiful, hot summer day! 
It's the perfect place to cool off, get a tan, and have endless amounts of fun! Everyone needs a little ocean therapy to clear your mind and get into summer mode.

However, you can't go to the beach without some beach essentials, right?
Lucky for you, today I'm teaming up with a group of lovely bloggers and shops to bring you a Beach Essentials GIVEAWAY! We're giving away $350 cash to help you purchase your favorite beach accessories, as well as some items from our favorite shops that will kick start your beach bundle!
Look right below to see what those items are!

Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post.
Make sure to complete as many entries as you can so you have a higher chance of winning!
Also, don't forget to check out each of these awesome blogs and shops below!

Oh, Sweet Joy!  |  The Red Closet Diary  |  Kameleonz  |  Raspberry Glow

Good luck and hope you're having an amazing summer!
[ Giveaway open to US residents only ]

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Nights Cardigan

 crochet cardigan: Aeropostale// tee: Jane// hat: H&M shorts: GAP

Sorry for the radio silence lately. I have been packing packing packing and more packing. Plus planning planning planning this wedding. Plus working working working out this body to get it ready for Kuaui! Plus I won't lie, my brains is fries and mushy fries at that so I have had major writers block.

So to spare you from some kind of mushy babble that will pour out of my brain and onto these pages, I just wanted to share with you my most favourite outfit I have at the moment. I would really wear it every day. And maybe I have…

This sweater is seriously my new favourite item I own. It is SO cozy yet light and is perfect for summer nights when you just need a little somethin' somethin' to cover you up. I love it. And I love you all and I love summer and I love our new home. However, I do not love packing, or unpacking for that matter. But alas here I go… I am almost done. I can do this. Hopefully you are having a perfectly great Monday!