Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Work Out Haul

Top: Albion Fit // Capri: Albion Fit // Sports Bra: Lulu Lemon // Shoes: Nike // Bottleband: BottleBand

Fitness has always been an important thing to me. Fitness and being healthy. The last year and a bit I have sort of found myself in a rut as I have been trying to find a balance between managing an illness that requires me to not over exert myself and feeling fit and happy. Sigh. It hasn't been an easy road. When my Doctor first told me I would need to cut back on my exercising and increase my intake of certain "fattening" (in my mind) foods, I cried. I LOVE being healthy. I had almost cut out all forms of bad sugars for over a year and was intaking what I thought to be a healthy diet. Turns out my body thought differently and so I was left needing to adjust.

So here is what I have found works for me as I have found my journey back to a fit and healthy and safe lifestyle.

First of all: Cute and comfortable work out gear. You all know you feel more inclined to do anything at all when you feel like you look good! So my favorite work out gear as of late has been my Albion Fit gear. It just makes me feel like getting my work out on and burning those calories. Also my Bottle Band. I always need water when I am running or hiking but I hate hate hate carrying around my bottle. Bottle bands make it so easy and comfortable. I love that thing!

At home work outs: On my off days from running or hiking I want to work out my other bodily muscles. Gym passes can run expensive and sometimes I just cannot find the drive to get myself there. So here are my favorite at home work outs:

Snacks: You guys, I am a snacker. I.Love.Snacks. So I try my hardest to keep good snacks around. Snacks that will satisfy all cravings. Salty, sweet, and crunchy. My favorites to have on hand are:

Snap peas/carrots and hummus.

Cucumbers with himalayan pink salt and pepper

Cottage cheese with pineapple

Natural peanut butter and celery sticks

Unsalted nuts

Disclosure: * I do firmly believe in treats in small doses. My favorite is always peanut butter M&M's*

So there you have it! My way of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Now go grab yourself some cute work out gear and get moving! 



  1. Love those sneakers! Great pop of color!

    Heidi D.

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing!! Love that workout gear too!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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