Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Love for Puppies and Comfy Clothes

Tee: SWELL// Pants:H&M // Sneaks: H&M

Want to hear a true story and a sad story? Probably not but I think I will share it anyways. 
When I was little I asked for a puppy every chance I had. Birthday candle wishes, dandelion wishes, shooting stars, santa letters, wishbones, you get the point. My mom however is not an animal person. Like really not an animal person. I was allowed to have fish and that was that. Well fish are no fun. Even if you name them all after rugrat characters and one even chases its reflection. A puppy. A puppy is much more fun. One day my mom finally gave in and my parents surprised me at school with a fluffy adorable puppy. My dreams and wishes finally came true. My life was complete. 

Then only a couple weeks of happiness passed when we found out our puppy was sick and one day I came home from school with the opposite feeling…my puppy was gone. Talk about a kids worst nightmare. I cried for days.

But NOW I have two amazing pups in my life. The "family" dog Bella who you've seen here before plenty and now Samson the pup! Samson is my blogger bff's (Ariel) new addition to the family. All us girls #RABLJ have adopted Samson as our puppy nephew and we adore him to pieces. I mean look at that face!! Plus he is so fluffy! No one ever understands when I say this but I need a puppy who is fluffy so I can rub my face in it!..Maybe thats weird but it's actually pretty lovely.

Anyways, as cute as puppies are, let's talk about this outfit for a moment. These pants you guuuys! They are so perfect in the heat because they breathe well and are so light. Plus it feels like you are wearing pajamas and they are tropical print. All in all these pants are lovely. Then that shirt. Oh that shirt. It is literally the comfiest shirt you will ever wear ever. I mean in your whole life time. You need one. Or three. You can find it HERE.

Now over and out for the weekend…because it has been one of those weeks where I just really need it to be the weekend early!



  1. That is such a cute puppy!! I definitely think you need to have a dog at some point, there is nothing like a puppy or dog's love! And I love your hair, so gorgeous!


  2. Those pants are REALLY great. They do look comfy which is the most important element in pants I find, and they're also super cute and fun! Have had my eye out for something similar lately... and this is just making me want to flat out go for it! :)

    jemima x

  3. Love this look! Those pants are awesome!! Such a cute puppy!!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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