Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm That Girl

Tee: SWELL // Leggings: Agnes&Dora

One time I went on a date with a guy who during our conversation proclaims that he could never marry or be with a girl who couldn't get herself together enough to run errands and would settle for wearing leggings to the grocery store. Wanna know what I said back? Check please!

True story.

Here's the thing. Why can't you go to the grocery store in leggings? Haven't you seen the site people of Wal-mart? Anyways, I just don't see why you can't look cute, feel cute, and feel comfortable all at the same time. Especially, if it's Monday, you have the Monday blues, you are tired from the weekend, and by golly you just don't feel like a pair of jeans or a stinkin' dress is going to cut it. I want leggings. I want them now. 

So, here's to you Mr. no leggings man. I hope you find her. Actually, I hope you find someone to change your mind. In the mean time I'll be over here in my floral leggings and comfy SWELL tee because I have groceries to buy and it's Monday and that darn dress just isn't doing it for me today.



  1. true! I highly dislike the flack that leggings get (she says while wearing a pair) but really, who are we to judge? I'm wearing these leggings because I'm pregnant and none of my non-stretch pants fit me anymore! Deal with it. :p

  2. Urgh, the leggings hate, I don't get it. I really don't. Your leggings above are fabulous and really cute, what's not to love?! I too am a leggings fan and I'm gonna wear them whenever I want to cos I can! Is that dude serious? A woman can't 'get herself together' if she dares to wear leggings grocery shopping? That just makes me mad. power to you. I'm gonna go change into a pair of leggings now... ;)

    Jemima x

  3. hahah I love this! Im totally sporting the monday leggings today with no shame at all :)

  4. Your leggings are fantastic!! And that guys needs to get his priorities straightened up!


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