Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dorm Room Do-Over

*This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn. All opinions are my own* #Potterybarndorm 
Thank you to Potter Barn for having me team up with them to bring you their latest in Dorm Room Essentials. Also, Thanks to all you readers :)

When I first moved away from home I was eight-teen and I just had no idea what my style was. Or at least I hope that was the case because when I look back at my first on my own "dorm room" I want to cry and have a do-over! Pottery Barn has so many options and SO many styles to choose from. My style for this dorm room do over would be beachy and simple. I love light and fresh colours that make for a peaceful easy going atmosphere. What could be better than that for where you will do all your reading and studying but also all your relaxing. Make sure you head over and check out what your dorm room style is with Pottery Barn!

So here is my dorm room do over wish list made with Pottery Barn Dorm.

First: FURNITURE/STORAGE I love everything white! Having your basics be white or a neutral colour leaves plenty of room for pops of colour with accessories. For example a white dresser can easily be made colourful with a picture, planter and some fun wall art. Still simple, fresh and relaxing.

Second: LIGHTING I love this fun lamp! It's different from the norm and reminds me of the beach. What could keep you calm and more relaxed than the beach? I'll tell you what..nothing.

Third: ORGANIZATION will help keep any room clean. Especially when you have limited space. I adore these organizers because they are all different sizes and they have a fun chalk board detail that makes things even more easy and organized!

Four: SCHEDULING/REMINDERS I am a firm believer in calendars and the fact that everyone should have one. This one is so perfect because its a calendar, cork board and white board all in one. Perfect for making sure you remember your schedule, pinning up pictures of friends and family, and making a grocery list or to do list.

Five: COZY ITEMS A rug keeps your room cozy. Plus it lets you spice up whatever flooring may be underneath. Your eye will go to whatever cute and funky rug you have chosen instead. This one I absolutely love because it adds a nice pop of colour while still keeping to the fresh beach theme.

Six: PILLOWS AND BLANKETS These are a great way to add colour. Like I said for me colour should be all in the accessories. That way you can switch it up whenever your so called favourite colour decides to change. Toss this fun decorative pillow and then a throw blanket in whichever colour you desire and you can spice up any neutral comforter you have.

There you have it! My tips and tricks to making your dorm room personal and beautiful. I love all of the  options that Pottery Barn Dorm gives. No matter what your style is you will be able to find what you love HERE. So make sure you check it out whether you are sending your first off to college or you just simply wish you could have your own dorm room do-over!



  1. Love the brachytherapy vibe!


  2. That was supposed to say beachy! Got to love spellcheck!

  3. Great picks - everything is so pretty! I love the lamp, it is really pretty and reminds me of mermaids! :)

  4. My dorm room closet is similar to yours, I love how you put the prints on the outside!

    xo Helen | newegg promo code 10 off


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