Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Must Do's

Things you should be doing this weekend because we live for the weekend over here.

You should be seeing the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie Blended. I pretty much never laugh out loud while watching movies. I'm not entirely sure why. I am totally laughing on the inside but nothing comes out. Anyways, I laughed out loud through this entire movie. Also, why can't Adam and Drew be lovers in real life? Seriously, they should be. Go see it now!

If you live in Utah area you need to stalk Art City Donuts on some social media device and find out when they are coming near you. Or make the drive to them. One time there was a near death experience just to make it to Art City Donuts on time. We lived. Barely. #RABLJ. For real though you guys…donuts. Little miniature donuts covered in yumminess and all things delightful. Do it. You know you want to.

Play games with friends. I think we do this every weekend. No one is mad. Things get heated though, but it is SO fun! A few we love- AVALON: It is a lot like Mafia but I think I lot more intense. THE NAME GAME: Everyone writes a famous person(or whatever category you choose) name on a piece of paper, mix them all up and try to figure out who wrote down who. I like this one because it doesn't get very heated. ha. Our most recent discovery is ONE NIGHT WEREWOLF. If you have ever played regular werewolf you will love this game! Ok so now you know I am a game geek. Secrets out. 

You should also be getting outside and enjoying the sun sun sun. My suggestion find a double bicycle! But if you find yourself stuck inside with crummy weather then I suggest you start watching an entire series on netflix(Parenthood or The 4400) and order some take out and eat it in a fort. Yup. That's what I suggest. 

Have a lovely weekend full of donuts, movies and sunshine. Ah the weekend.



  1. Wholeheartedly agree with all these ideas! Love your weekend style.

  2. ok I would totally wear this outfit. LOVE IT!

  3. LOVE the vest and such cute ideas of what to do this weekend!

  4. So pretty! I love this outfit. Cute, casual and a good mix of neutral colors. This weekend I am taking my dog to the dog park and my husband is coming home from a business trip.

    Little Sloth

  5. Hello there! I've recently stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying these posts. Can we just talk about your hair for a second? Because it is amazing! It looks so thick and healthy, and you style it beautifully. Love it!

    I have recently gone on a massive I-love-Drew-Barrymore obsession but haven't yet seen Blended - glad to hear that it's as good as I was hoping!

    :) Thanks for sharing these great posts, I'm really glad I've found this blog.

    Jemima x

  6. LOVE those pants! Gorgeous photos!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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