Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer + Stripes. It's all happiness to me.

It's official. The summer heat is upon us. I'm not mad, just a little sweaty. My body love love loves being warm. If I had to pick being too hot or too cold I would always pick too hot. No questions asked. Yet, I think it takes my body a lot of getting used to the change in climate. Mostly because it hates so much to be cold it works really hard to be ok with cold. Then all the sudden it needs to be ok with being really hot again and I think it gets confused. Either way, the sun is out, I find no need for layers and I am a happy woman. Bring on hiking, pool days, shorts, sun hats, late nights and bonfires. Oh my.  Just typing the words is making me a giddy mess. Speaking of messes, my hair becomes a straight mess in the hot months. Almost solely for the fact that my hair is a layer of clothing in itself. So let's be real, heat and layers do not mix. Therefore, heat and Lo doing her hair other than a crazy bun or a funky braid…it will probably be non existent. I figured you all deserved a fair warning.

Happy Summer Days. Ah! Summer!


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