Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Must Do's

Things you should be doing this weekend because we live for the weekend over here.

You should be seeing the new Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore movie Blended. I pretty much never laugh out loud while watching movies. I'm not entirely sure why. I am totally laughing on the inside but nothing comes out. Anyways, I laughed out loud through this entire movie. Also, why can't Adam and Drew be lovers in real life? Seriously, they should be. Go see it now!

If you live in Utah area you need to stalk Art City Donuts on some social media device and find out when they are coming near you. Or make the drive to them. One time there was a near death experience just to make it to Art City Donuts on time. We lived. Barely. #RABLJ. For real though you guys…donuts. Little miniature donuts covered in yumminess and all things delightful. Do it. You know you want to.

Play games with friends. I think we do this every weekend. No one is mad. Things get heated though, but it is SO fun! A few we love- AVALON: It is a lot like Mafia but I think I lot more intense. THE NAME GAME: Everyone writes a famous person(or whatever category you choose) name on a piece of paper, mix them all up and try to figure out who wrote down who. I like this one because it doesn't get very heated. ha. Our most recent discovery is ONE NIGHT WEREWOLF. If you have ever played regular werewolf you will love this game! Ok so now you know I am a game geek. Secrets out. 

You should also be getting outside and enjoying the sun sun sun. My suggestion find a double bicycle! But if you find yourself stuck inside with crummy weather then I suggest you start watching an entire series on netflix(Parenthood or The 4400) and order some take out and eat it in a fort. Yup. That's what I suggest. 

Have a lovely weekend full of donuts, movies and sunshine. Ah the weekend.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer + Stripes. It's all happiness to me.

It's official. The summer heat is upon us. I'm not mad, just a little sweaty. My body love love loves being warm. If I had to pick being too hot or too cold I would always pick too hot. No questions asked. Yet, I think it takes my body a lot of getting used to the change in climate. Mostly because it hates so much to be cold it works really hard to be ok with cold. Then all the sudden it needs to be ok with being really hot again and I think it gets confused. Either way, the sun is out, I find no need for layers and I am a happy woman. Bring on hiking, pool days, shorts, sun hats, late nights and bonfires. Oh my.  Just typing the words is making me a giddy mess. Speaking of messes, my hair becomes a straight mess in the hot months. Almost solely for the fact that my hair is a layer of clothing in itself. So let's be real, heat and layers do not mix. Therefore, heat and Lo doing her hair other than a crazy bun or a funky braid…it will probably be non existent. I figured you all deserved a fair warning.

Happy Summer Days. Ah! Summer!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh Darling, let's be adventurers

This passed weekend we found ourselves in Cali again.
The fiancé asked me last minute if I wanted to get away for the weekend and being who I am of course I said yes!

While we were in California, I posted a picture of the sunset at the beach on instagram with words of my greatest fear attached. This fear is so real to me. - I am afraid of living a life that is ordinary. I want a life full of extraordinary.-  Along with that fear, I am afraid of being in one place for too long. Afraid of becoming stagnant. I have grown to love the unknown. The unknown is my adrenaline in life. Now don't get me wrong here because I am as terrified of the unknown as the next person. However, I have grown to love the unknown and to actually need it in my life. I want to conquer the unknown. 

Now let's get down to the whole point I am trying to make because I am more than sure you are wondering where exactly I am going with this. Well, I had come to the conclusion a while back that marriage and children probably weren't going to fit into these desires for an adventurous fly by the seat of your pants type lifestyle. I struggled with the thought that I would either have to live this life on my own travelling, and wandering in a constant unknown state of life. OR I would settle down, get married, have babies and dream of the days that could have been. Neither however would be good enough for me. So I carried on just being here, there and everywhere. Every so often I would wonder and contemplate both scenarios in my mind and heart. All along praying I could just have my darn cake and eat it too. When what would you know…all the sudden I found a man who plans random trips, buys airline tickets just for the sake of adventure, and fulfills my wandering heart every chance he can. 

Be still my heart I have finally found it. Him. After all, the best love is the one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone other than yourself. 

And that's all I have to say about that.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Modest Made Easier

So sometimes I dress like a lady. Yes, sometimes I find my way out of the leggings and baggy tees and make my way in to something a little more mature if you will. I won't lie though I definitely have my times where this makes me feel uncomfortable. A lot of it has to do with my getting frustrated with finding things that I like and that are modest. It's a tough line out there and sometimes I let it get the best of me and I end up in my leggings and baggy tees day in and day out because I don't have to worry about anything hanging out that shouldn't be and well…I feel comfortable. 

Now lets get one thing straight. I LOVE and fully approve of baggy comfy tees and amazing leggings. I adore them. Also, some days I just feel way cuter in that. So it's ok. But somedays I just want to feel gorgeous and mature and beautiful. Some days I just want my cake and dang it I just want to eat it too.

So, there are some easy tips and tricks for the every day woman who wants to feel comfortable, covered up AND beautiful. For this look, this super cute and comfy dress also happens to have little short sleeves which don't cover as much as some of us need or like. It is also summer which means we need some colour in our lives! So, I threw this bright pink cardigan over top and wam bam thank you ma'am. I feel great and I feel comfortable. 

I know it is so easy and simple so why can't I just do this more often? Well folks, believe it or not, this fashion loving girl was once a tom boy. And once a tom boy always a tom boy somewhere deep down in there. Heck, why can't a girl just be both! 

Anywho, happy weekend, wait happy LONG weekend! We are taking our lazy butts to Cali to be extra lazy on the beaches. Hallelujah because ma gawsh this was a long ace week.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What We Wore

On Her: Dress(similar)//Shoes//Bracelet On Him: Shorts//Shirt

Everyone keeps telling us that being engaged is the worst and it sucks and I mean to a newly engaged couple it is kind of hard to hear. Although I can totally understand where they are coming from. Now that there is a ring on the finger and promise of forever, all you want to do is get forever started! I am probably the luckiest girl though to have a fiancé who always reminds me to just have fun in the moment and to soak up the being engaged phase because who says you can't always just be having fun! I do however just want the day to finally come so I can see all of this planning come together and see his face when he sees me in my beautiful white dress for the first time. But, all of that will come and in just eighty-six short days. I mean…who's counting? In the mean time we are having fun being engaged and making all the plans for our forever future! It really is fun. Stressful and fun and exciting all at the same time. The most fun we have had so far has being taking our engagement pictures with the ever so talented Lori Romney Photography. She was such a dream to work with and speaking of dreamy, this location was stunning! We loved every minute of it. 

When it comes to engagement outfits it really can be hard to decide what to wear. For us we were doing this gorgeous location which meant we didn't really have to be all dolled up. I still wanted to look fresh and to stand out but to keep things casual at the same time. So this light summer dress was the perfect choice for me (shout out to miss Ariel for helping me out) and then I knew we were going to be riding a bicycle so a cute flat shoe was the way to go. Let's face it…you never see me in heels always. As for the fiancé I wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera since we all know just how much men dread having their pictures taken. I did however push him just a little out of his comfort zone with a bright read short. But daaaang that man of mine looked good! All in all I think the most important thing when it comes to engagement photos is to feel and LOOK like yourself and to dress for your location.

I also found that it makes for a more relaxed situation if you have something fun to do as a couple. Like riding a bicycle! Our cutest pictures were just of us having fun and being silly together. So props people! It helps so much to just relax and have fun together! 

What's next on our list of fun engaged people things? We are on the hunt for a food truck to cater! So watch out food truck world…we are coming for you! Stay tuned to see what we find!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Say Yes


Say Yes to the weekend! It's finally here! Ok…So it's been the weekend for me for an entire week. Still, there is just something about a Friday that makes the world exciting again. 

Say Yes to spending extra time with family and friends.

Say Yes to sleeping in.

Say Yes to feeling cute in sweats and no makeup

But..Then Say Yes to getting all glammed up!

Say Yes to cheat treat days.

Say Yes to spending time outdoors.

Say Yes to these beautifully colored pants & floral flats from aeropostale

Say Yes to whatever the heck you want!! It's the weekend after all!

Happy Weekend my dears. Enjoy it!! It always flies by far too quickly!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The weather has been rainy in Utah, until I leave for Canada that is. Then I drove straight in to a snow storm on my way here and well I was pretty certain that I was never going to see the sun again. Drama Queen, I know. But, like it always does, the sun came out and everything is green and better than before. I love the sun. I might equally like lace and floral because I just loved when I put this combination on! It is bright and springy and very feminine. The perfect outfit for church, a wedding, or just a get together where you want to feel put together.

Anyways, who is with me about this sun thing? Because I mean who doesn't love a little tan and no need for them rain boots.