Friday, April 4, 2014

Happiness, a lot of it.

Ok so I just had to post these pictures. One becuase they are the only ones I didn't lose after a stupid tech mistake. womp womp womp. Two because they just seriously make me happy! Ducks guys! This place was FULL of them. I'm not entirely sure why this makes me happy but it does. Just look at my happy "I'm chasing ducks and there is no snow on the ground and life is a ball of wonderful!" face.

Really though life is. I will be spending my weekend wrapped in my families arms. Yes, all weekend. I just cannot even explain to you how happy this makes me. Or maybe I can…It makes me happier than ducks and chasing them.

Now off I go to chase my most favourite little two year old around instead of duckies. Oh my. My heart can't handle all this happy.

Ps. More on this amazingly comfortable, cute and fun outfit coming up next week because…elephants you guys.




  1. DUCKS! I loooove feeding ducks bread, best thing everrr

  2. Love those photos!! So fun and joyful!! And I love your shirt! Super cute!


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