Friday, April 18, 2014

Don't put your layers away just yet!

The weather here has been pretty warm recently! Yesterday was beyond gorgeous. Yet, we are still in those in-between months where you get those odd gloomy days. Example.. today. So, don't put away your layers just yet!! This blue blazer from toAdorn is the perfect light jacket to throw over top of anything! A slouchy tee, a dressy tank or even a fun spring dress. The thing I hate with this weather is one minute you need a jacket and the next you are sweating to death so you have to take it right off. But, with this light comfy blazer you will be the perfect temperature whether the sun is out or the clouds have come to play. 

Anyways, it's easter weekend so HOPEFULLY those clouds decide to get the heck outta huuur! 

Now I am off to eat some chocolate…for I will be quitting sugar (again) starting May 1st. humph. Wedding bod here I come!



  1. you are the cutest thing ever!! and where are your shoes from? please don't say canada

  2. Really cute!! You need to get some detail shots (I.e. Your ring!!) up for us. ;)

  3. Super lovely blog!


  4. We had to pull out our jackets as well! It was rainy and in the 40's... =(

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous here! Love this look!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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