Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Allergy Season made better with Kleenex

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What's in my purse and on my night stand these days? Kleenex of course! It's that time of year again…allergy season. While I am welcoming the warmth and sunshine, I am also dreading these darn allergies. They are the worst. Know what isn't the worst? How cute and stylish Kleenex has made their Spring Style collection. I have always wanted to hide my tissue boxes or carry alongs because well it just isn't stylish at all to have around or pull out of your purse. However, I absolutely love how fun, colourful and stylish these carry alongs are! I keep them in my purse, my car dashboard, and on my nightstand for those just in case moments. These tissues are a life saver for me at this time of year.

So if you are in the same dreadful allergy boat as I am this time of year, or even if you just want an adorable way to have tissues around the house, head over to take the Kleenex style quiz and find out the Spring Style collection that best suits you HERE. I promise you will not want to hide these, you will want people to notice them.



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  1. That's some seriously cute packaging!! And those flowers are gorg!



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