Monday, March 31, 2014

Waking Up On a Monday

So there are somethings I think you all should know about me. 

1. I love and will use every excuse in the book to wear comfortable clothing. Including: "It's Monday" "I'm tired" "I'm only running errands" "It's Wednesday" "It's Saturday" ...etc. You get the picture. Also, there is nothing quite like the perfect oversized sweatshirt. You know what I'm talking about.

2. When my hair goes up it has been a while since it has been washed. This happens two to three times a week. You get the picture. 

3. I L.O.V.E comfy clothes. Like I really love them. The moment I walk in my house and "real" clothing comes off and on go the comfies. You people who wear jeans and shoes in your house...I do not understand you. We can be friends and everything but I just...I cannot do it!

4. I feel my prettiest when I'm not dolled up. I am that sweats, hair up and no makeup kind of girl. Again, If I never had to wear shoes again in my life..I just wouldn't. Then again...these shoes. They are great!

5. I am really trying to add color to my wardrobe. It just is not working. All I want is black, white and grey. I'm not mad. I just am trying to add some spice to my outfits!

6. When it is a particularly sunny sunshiney day and the sun shines on my hair just right...It's red. Thanks Grandma.

7. It's naturally....I woke up like this.



  1. This outfit is so fun and looks just like something I'd wear on one of my lazy days (or any day, really). I am all about comfortable too. I never wear jeans when I'm lounging around at home!

  2. I am the same way with the whole lack-of-color in the wardrobe. I seem to always go to all black/grey outfits! No matter how hard I try to get some color in just doesn't happen.
    But that's okay, I feel like neutral colored outfits always look so classy!

    Smitten with Sunday

  3. I love that you feel the prettiest when you're not made up. I bet that makes getting ready so much easier :). And the solution for your neutrals outfits...a colorful purse! I literally just did a post on that today. I also love wearing neutrals so I use this trick to spice up my basic outfits.


  4. I love this sweatshirt! I think it needs to become a permanent part of my closet!



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