Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Solutions to bad hair days. Or months.

So I know you all might be thinking I have just given up on washing my hair. And well, depending on the day you might actually be right. My hair has just been unruly lately and it is driving me completely insane. It's static city and wavy/straight/curly. It just can't figure itself out! I think it just is not used to the dry Utah weather. Bleh. Anyways, I'm just trying to give it as much of a break from any heat as possible…so hats and hair wraps it is for a while here. I'm not really complaining. Especially if I don't have to dry my hair for hours a week and also if I get to wear cute head wraps like this one! 
Also, who wants to get ready on a Wednesday!! Wait…do I use this excuse a lot? Oh well…It's a rare day when I want to get all dolled up but I really promise it does happen! You'll see!

Oh… it legal to wear white jeans again yet? I just don't even care because I have waited long enough to bring out these bad boys again. You will be seeing them often, just like last season.



  1. This is so so cute! I am a huge fan of headbands and rocking the 2 or 3 day hair but I really love this wrap! I may need one of those for Spring.

  2. You look so comfortable! I want it!

  3. Can I please have your outfit?? Okay girl you are one of my own kind. I struggle with washing hair. Dry shampoo is my bff. {probably more than it should be, ha!} PS we should play sometime.. pretty please :) xo

  4. If my hair would look that cute pulled up, I'd never wear it any other way!!

  5. You're right that wrap is adorable!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  6. sooo cute! and i totally need a pair of white jeans!

  7. I am all about waiting to wash. Maybe it's because it really does benefit my hair.. or maybe it's because I'm lazy and despise working on that mop all the time. (; Whatever it is, wraps and hats are great! Love yours. And white denim? I say it's always a go, depending on what you're looking for!


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