Monday, March 10, 2014

In between seasons

I hate the in between season phase. One day its freezing and the next it is super toasty. Makes it hard to plan what to wear. So cute layers it is. I like to put on a light weight long sleeved shirt because it can easily be warn on its own or if it is a little extra chilly you just toss on a cute jacket and you are set to go! However, lets be honest here. I am SO ready for warmth and constant sunshine. Any day now.. any day. 

On another note. I am so so in to hats these days! I used to think I just wasn't a hat person but I am just in love with hats lately. Good thing hats are in EVERY season. Now that, that's something to be thankful for.

Happiest of Mondays. If that's possible anyways.



  1. Love this casual look! Your hair is gorgeous too!!


  2. I love that jacket! And those pants. And of course the hat! Haha. You look amazing in hats so I'm glad you like them now :)


  3. Love this outfit! That's how the weather has been here too. Today it is warm and the kids are outside without jackets, but snow tomorrow! (??)
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  4. This outfit is too sweet! I need that sweater like right about now. Unfortunately, Ohio is still pretty cold all week, but my week in North Carolina last week cheered that up quite a bit. ;)

  5. I so wish I could rock cute hats! They look so foolish on me :(


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