Friday, March 7, 2014

Going Home

It was freezing but it was beautiful as always. BIG blue skies, farm fields on fields on fields and that fresh air. Oh there is something about the air.

Also, there is just something about the word "home". I guess it can mean different things to different people and can absolutely evoke different feelings. It is certainly no secret that I miss home so much on a daily basis. I will tell you why. 

What home means to me:

Home means comfort. It means that I can wear no makeup, be in the scrubbiest clothes and still be loved because at home no one loves you for your outsides, they simply love you for your insides. They have known you long enough to have seen you at your worst so they just take you as you are. 
It means warm soft familiar beds, comforting rain drop showers and cozy blankets in front of a fire place during long long chats.

Home means "real" food. My mom always teased me when I was younger because I would ask if we were having "real" food for dinner. Honestly, no one understands what I meant by this to this day. But I will always appreciate the amazing fantastic scrumptious cooking that goes on in my parents home. mm. drooling.

Home means familiar faces. Something I have missed since coming to Utah is just going to the grocery store and bumping in to at least 5 people you know. They ask you how you are and what's new and yadda yadda. Sometimes it is just nice to be out and about and run into someone familiar. 

Home means memories. Some good some bad some great some sad. Memories none the less though. It's just your past right there in front of you. Reminds you where you came from, how far you've come and why you are you.

Home means family. This one is the most important to me. I love my family. I know I know. That's not anything from the ordinary but for some reason I think I am oddly attached to my family. When I was younger my mom would always say.."you'll thank me one day…you'll appreciate us one day." And my goodness she could not have been more right! I have the hardest time being away from them. I miss their laughs and grumpy faces while we get competitive at card games. I miss their hugs and "I love you's." I miss just simply hanging out and watch silly TV shows like survivor and the bachelor. Not to mention I am missing a whole lot of my favourite little mans triumphs and growths. Darn it all I just miss their faces. 

Anyways, Home means everything and I am so so so glad I have a place to go home to. With people I love and who love me back unconditionally. Needless to say going home last weekend was a blast. It is always just the little push I need to keep on trucking. Not to mention the surprise on my Grandpa's face when he saw me at his Birthday party, and the way G man thought the boyf was the greatest new best friend just melted my little ol' heart. It was worth every minute driving in the crappy snow. 

Now what makes home "home" to you? 



  1. Shoot Lauren, are you trying to make me cry? All I can think about now is how badly I want to move back to Austin. I love that city with my entire heart. All of the crazy good restaurants, the beautiful green hills, all of the lake bums, BBQ, best sunsets ever, and best people ever. You're right. Home is good.

  2. What a beautiful place to call home... there is nothing like it

  3. Beautiful post and I love that photo!!


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