Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blogger Essentials Giveaway Part Two

We've now given you loves the opportunity to win a stellar camera, which is pretty much one of the biggest essentials to blogging if not the biggest, so now we decided you all needed a chance to win money for some styling new drags to take pictures OF with that stellar camera. Now, we all know that new clothes aren't a necessity when it comes to being a style blogger, but it certainly doesn't hurt. So remember to complete as many (or all) of the entries as possible to increase your chances of winning! Good luck!

As for the rules, they are the same, Rule 1: Giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be announced on Thursday March 13th. Rule 2: The winner's entries will be verified. 

Kelli France | Perfection Possibilities | Lipstck, Heels, & a Baby

Seriously, who doesn't feel the need for new clothes and a new look with Spring rolling on in in the next few months. So check out ASOS here and make sure you enter below because its SO worth it!!


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