Monday, March 31, 2014

Waking Up On a Monday

So there are somethings I think you all should know about me. 

1. I love and will use every excuse in the book to wear comfortable clothing. Including: "It's Monday" "I'm tired" "I'm only running errands" "It's Wednesday" "It's Saturday" ...etc. You get the picture. Also, there is nothing quite like the perfect oversized sweatshirt. You know what I'm talking about.

2. When my hair goes up it has been a while since it has been washed. This happens two to three times a week. You get the picture. 

3. I L.O.V.E comfy clothes. Like I really love them. The moment I walk in my house and "real" clothing comes off and on go the comfies. You people who wear jeans and shoes in your house...I do not understand you. We can be friends and everything but I just...I cannot do it!

4. I feel my prettiest when I'm not dolled up. I am that sweats, hair up and no makeup kind of girl. Again, If I never had to wear shoes again in my life..I just wouldn't. Then again...these shoes. They are great!

5. I am really trying to add color to my wardrobe. It just is not working. All I want is black, white and grey. I'm not mad. I just am trying to add some spice to my outfits!

6. When it is a particularly sunny sunshiney day and the sun shines on my hair just right...It's red. Thanks Grandma.

7. It's naturally....I woke up like this.


Friday, March 28, 2014

Channelling Summer in GAP's newest arrivals.

Ok. It's Friday! We made it! This week has been kind of gloomy when it comes to weather. Or more like confused. One second it isn't so bad outside and maybe even sunny and then BAM there is a sleet storm blowing all around you. Like I said confusing.

So I am channelling warmth to stay permanently with this outfit. I am a beach/summer/less clothes the better (not in an inappropriate way guys) kind of girl. I was just tell a friend the other day that if I could be bare foot always I would be. When I lived in hawaii shoes rarely graced my feet. But alas I now live in Utah and clothes and shoes are a necessity SO I love this outfit! The shoes are comfy and cute, the dress is so light and wonderful, and the belt adds a little somethin' somethin'. Also…I added a hat because well I needed to. Plus it adds a beachy vibe to it which I am sure not complaining about. Speaking of the beach… the hat and shoes are from a little boutique in Hawaii and I think I need to go back, like right now.

Summer Summer hustle up! This girl is trying to wait patiently but it isn't working too well. And I don't want to get caught in a sleet storm in this outfit. Please and Thank you.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Floral Pants Make All The Difference.

If you couldn't tell from the pictures… it's been a little windy here lately. I am however hoping that you can tell it isn't phasing me because I am so happy to be wearing my favourite FLORAL and WHITE jeans! A combination that could not be more perfect in my eyes! Also, the sun is shining which helps to get that smile on my face pretty darn quickly also. 

Other than all of that, which clearly is very important. There isn't much more to update you on besides the fact that it's Wednesday and I am enjoying a most perfectly ripe kiwi for breakfast and then going to get my yoga on. Today is one of the good ones.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Burgundy Love.

It's this darn Monday thing again. So I am going to try and focus on some positives here before I have the desire to run back and crawl into my cozy bed and hide under the sheets and pretend that Mondays don't even exist.

Positive #1. The weather is being incredibly nice to me. Minus some wind. But, wind I guess I can handle because it has been sunny and wonderful and it makes me so darn happy about life!

Positive #2. No jacket/coat wearing BUT its still the perfect amount of chilly to layer it up and wear booties. Of course also adding a hat to the mix.

Positive #3. Burgundy is kind of an amazing colour.

Positive #4. The movie Divergent is some serious kind of greatness. I heard some not so awesome things about the book but decided to read it anyways and I read the first two books in about a week. So I mean, those reviews were dead wrong. Go see the movie! If you hate it…I'm not sure we can be friends. I'll still consider it though.

Positive #5. LDS General Conference is in less than 2 weeks. Which also means I get to see my family in less than 2 weeks. Which also means I am a really happy happy girl.

Positive #6. The boyf and I will be on the sun sun sunny beaches of California in three weeks. Life is good.

So for now I will just soak up all the goodness because those are the important things anyways. And that is me kicking Monday in the butt.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Floral Crowns + Spring Time

dress//floral crown//wedges(similar)
Photos by:JessaKaePhotography

It's SPRING! What screams Spring time more than wearing flowers in your hair! Nothing. That is the answer. Nothing. I know yesterday was the "first day of Spring." Out of respect for all of my loved ones back home who got to ring that in with a blizzard and ice storms, I decided not to celebrate until today. I could not hold off any longer than that so my apologies to you all who are buried under the snow. Just come visit me and all of your problems will be solved! Or at least one of them. 

Anyways, I am seriously in love with this whole outfit. The floral crown is just so so so fun! It might not be every day wear but think about if you are going to a music festival or are vacationing somewhere amazing or you just want some seriously cute pictures taken by a talented photographer…these are your go to flowers! OR if you want something more subtle Miss Stevi Marie has a LOT of options that you really need to check out. RUN don't walk over to her etsy shop!

Oh and just a heads up...You guys…Spring and Summer is just too much fun for me!! Get ready for the happiest person around now that the heat is hitting. Now only if I can find a way to get a tan without my mother scolding me for using a tanning bed. It is a serious addiction that I have obviously succeeded curbing. Yet, I struggle every day. Just go back about a year on the blog and you'll see a totally different tan beach babe. Sigh. Those were the days.

On a HAPPY note. It's Friday and I could not be happier.