Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Camo Beanie ToAdorn

Do you need some help today to get over the hump of the week? Head on over to ToAdorn. It is a daily deals website with cute affordable clothing and accessories. New deals are posted at twelve AM every day. Their deals run for three days or until the item is sold out so grab the items you adore while you still can! Also, make sure to sign up for their daily emails so you know what's there and when.

Now I'm not usually a spiky kind of girl. But I do love love camo so when I got this beanie I was all about making a fun comfortable outfit for it to go with. Also, I won't lie, it did a fantastic job covering up a monstrous pimple that decided to show up that morning! So happy days all around.

The weather is getting warmer now and I fear beanie, cozy layers and boot wearing are coming to a close. So purchase and wear them while you still can! Oh, and stock up for next year of course so if you are like me the cold doesn't catch you completely off guard. 

Ok Ok, you caught me, I'm not afraid…I'm ecstatic. 



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