Friday, February 21, 2014

The Perfect Lipstick

Peace out to all other lipsticks!!

I have been getting questions, comments and compliments on this particular lipstick for a while now and so I have decided to share it with you all! It is Hare Magic Moroccan lipstick and you might be alarmed when you first see it. Why? Well, because it is green. Yup, green. But something seriously amazing happens when it is applied to your lips. It turns the most perfect shade of pink you have ever seen on yourself. The colour is personalized to your body and will last up to 7 hours. Seriously, I rarely ever use another lipstick anymore. It's fantastic and amazing and if you give your love a smooch it won't rub off and get him questionable looks by others.

I found mine here. Buy it! Use it! Love it! Use it again! 



  1. I don't know why I still don't own one of my own!

  2. The packaging itself is enough of a reason for me to buy myself one stat!

    Xo, Kelsey

  3. "Peace out to all other lipsticks!" Haha! I love it! Will definitely look this up.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and love it! I've heard amazing things about that lipstick but can we talk about your beautiful hair?! My lanta I love it!

  5. Love to read your posts. I often visit your blog. Check out if you want double stroller for your baby.


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