Monday, February 3, 2014


First I want to thank all of you for the out pour of love and support via text, email and comments from my last post. I was pretty nervous to push the post button I won't lie. But I couldn't have asked for a more amazing support system from you gals (a few of you select few guys that read this). Amazing relationships and having a good support system to always be backing you up is whats most important in life. So thank you annnnd I luh ya!

If you read THIS post then you know that Gentri and I had so much fun teaming up with LuLu*s this month for a fun Galentines shoot. It was freezing cold that morning but we had an amazing/intersting time just wandering the streets with our balloons and passing out some love. 

Preparing for and actually doing this shoot we really got to see that love doesn't just have to mean significant other + significant other. It can be best friends, family, acquaintances or even strangers. 

We so so love our photos done by Clayton Gornichec and now I hope you are more than ready for some Valentine's Day fun! Or…just some time with your favourite gal pals because thats what this LuLu*s project was all about! 



  1. Lauren! These are priceless!!! For a minute I forgot that it isn't 0 degree's outside! Love your dresses!
    By the way I wanted to invite you to join the utah bloggers facebook group I just started: Utah Chic Bloggers
    Kat |


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