Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Floral for Valentines Day

floral kimono// plain white tee//Leggings//necklace//booties

Ok first of all I know I'm a repeat offender with this booties but seriously you guys, I love them, they are so comfortable, and I just love them. 

Second of all. I love all the heart patterns and lipstick patterns going around for Valetines Day. But like one of my dear friends pointed out, sometimes I'm just not that prepared for things and so this year is floral for Valentines Day. I think it's acceptable and I actually am really in love with it. It's flowy and beautiful and has all the right Vday colours going on. I KNOW you'll love it too because also…it's only fourteen tiny bucks! Ahhhh….did you just hear the angels singing cause I sure did when I bought it. Add an extra pop of colour with some spicy lipstick and ow ow watch out special someone, it'll be the best Valentines Day yet.

Sending all my love to you this whole week because I think holidays last for a week, not just one day. He He. Bring on more flowers and chocolate.



  1. lovelovelove this outfit! perfect valentines outfit!

  2. Floral for Valentine's is perfect. It's romantic and feminine! And this kimono + your hair = gorgeous!!!


  3. I REALLY love that top. I am pretty much obsessed with most things floral. And only 14 dollars!?

  4. Gorgeous! Love that top!
    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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