Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Just a little look-see into what it is like to do a photo shoot with me…the progression of dumb faces. xoxo and now...

Watching: Parenthood - The boyf and I are legitimately obsessed. 
                 Pretty Little Liars - This one is actually becoming a problem. A real one.

Consuming: Green Smoothies…I may turn into a green monster.
                    Too much chocolate. It's a real issue. But pretty sure the greenness of everything else                               
                    makes it ok.

Wearing: THESE leggings. Oh wait no surprise there. Really though these ones are the b.o.m.b.
                Midi rings. I'm obsessed since I have such a hard time finding rings to fit my itty bitty fingers. 
                You can find some of my favourites HERE.

Needing: To be back in Hawaii. My heart just aches for it.
                A new camera. Real bad. And then obviously a ONA Bag to go with it.
                Summer!! Hurry the f up…'scuse my language but I mean business.

Missing: My main squeeze…seeing cute pics just isn't enough I tell ya….soon you will be two and I'll   
               have missed so much.
              My sis. No one gets me like she does.
              Ok ok I miss my whole fam. Like an insane amount.
              Having tanned skin. Oh my. I don't think you can understand the kind of depression that 
              happens when I look in the mirror.

Excited for: All the coming up travels with my man. Road trips show if a relationship can stand the test 
                    of time. ha. We are in for it! St. Geezy, Canada, and Cali here we come!
                   Build Your Blog Conference. So excited! Best early Valentines present ever…I still get 
                    flowers though right? *wink wink*

Reading: Divergent. Gotta get my hustle on! 

Listening to: LORDE album. Am I behind the times? I don't care. I love it. 
                     Also, THIS song. You can groove to it anywhere. Promise you will.

Loving: Late night chats and cuddles.
              Eating at new places.
             That Utah is really feeling more and more like home.
             This excited feeling about the future. It's gonna be good. Stay tuned.



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