Monday, January 27, 2014

Talking Sequins & Hair.

My hair is finally getting to the point where it's long enough that I remember why I chopped it off in the first place. This hair is HIGH maintenance. An hour blow dry is about enough to make anyone buzz their head right off. Did I say head? I meant hair. Sort of. BUT I will not make the same mistake again because once my hair is done.. I kind of love it. Most days. Also, chopping it off again just isn't worth the hysterics until two a.m. Just ask my sister.. and my mom..and my dad. Oy vey. 

But also, can we take a minute to admire the sequin elbow patches on this shirt. Que moment of silence.

Ok did you take it all in? SEQUIN ELBOW PATCHES. It's like a dream come true. Or at least something so happy it will make you forget you just dried your hair for a solid sixty minutes.

Anyhow, A Happy Monday to you and yours. Let's get back at it.



  1. Oh girl, I feel you with he hair thing. I hardly ever blow dry anymore because it takes too dang long. Air dry is my friend. PS this outfit is too cute!

    xx Laur

  2. I just chopped 10 inches off my hair yesterday because it was WAY too long. I'm so sad and already regretting it (hair extensions anyone??) :(

  3. Those are the raddest elbow patches I've ever seen! Oof I WISH my hair could be as thick as yours!
    Lisa | c/oMKE

  4. I sort of met you at Deidre's farewell on Saturday but didn't introduce myself. Hi. My name is Alacia Hood and I am crazy about those sequin elbow patches! And your hair is amazing! Let's be friends!

  5. You hair looks gorgeous and I LOVE the elbow patches! :)
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  6. you are freaking adoooorable! and i'm starting to feel the same way about my hair.
    except unlike you, i can't pull off the short hair thing. no ways. so that probably won't happen for a while. i just chopped my bangs and im thinking that was a huge mistake already haha

    anywho, keep up the cuteness :)



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