Friday, January 31, 2014

Stepping out of the kiddy pool.

I'm stepping out of the kiddy pool today and deciding to dive into deeper water. I hope that's ok with the rest of you, since I know I don't do it too often. Lately though I have been feeling the need to write about some things and that feeling doesn't usually go away until I finally do.

I've been struggling with writing this post of a while now but the topic and push to write it hasn't left my heart or mind. So I am finally mustering up the courage to do it. I've mentioned here and there in passed posts that the last few years have been really difficult, but I haven't ever mentioned why.

Recently I have been witnessing a few girls go through similar situations to where I was just three short yet long years ago. It hurts my heart to think that anyone would have to feel the pain I felt or have to hurt the way I have.

Because of this I've been feeling really challenged by the gospel. Not in a bad way at all though. In a really good way actually. I've been asked some tough questions. Tough for me to contemplate and tough for me to answer. As I have pondered the questions though I have really been able to see just how far I have come in the last few years. It's been a long hard road.

Three years ago I thought I had it all figured out. My path in life was set. I grew up in a small town where the normal/typical thing to do was to marry someone from the same or neighbouring town and start having children right away and just live that simple life and then your kids repeat and repeat. It seems so simple and laid out and why the heck not! You have it all figured out your whole life. Perfect. Well not so perfect for me it turns out. Growing up I sort of knew that wasn't the life for me. I have this wandering soul. One that needs to see and feel and touch and smell and taste everything that this world has to offer. No way could I stay in a town of two thousand people the rest of my life. But, most of me really wanted that simple life. I was determined to have it. I think I was just so scared of the unknown. Scared to be different and in a way scared to achieve. So I went to school for something quick and easy. After all I would be married by twenty and have a baby by twenty-one, so what did I need school for. So following that plan I was married at twenty. But there was no baby by twenty-one, instead there was a divorce. I never saw it coming. My planed out life was working out just like all my friends, just like everyone before me. Where had I gone wrong? What had I done to deserve this? Where do I go from here?

The answer to the first question was… I had made my own plan instead of going after the one my Heavenly Father had laid out before me. So my blessings had some to a screeching halt while he tried to figure out how to get me back on that path.

The answer to the second question though..nothing…I didn't do anything to deserve it. No one and I mean absolutely no one deserves to be made to feel like they are unworthy of love. No one deserves to be abused. No one deserves to be betrayed. Above all no one deserves anything less than a man who will love and protect them with everything they are. My Heavenly Father knew this and so he found a way for me to get out quickly and head back on to the amazing path he has planned for me so long ago.

Now for the last question. Where do I go from here? It's a funny thing when your whole perfectly planned out world comes crashing down around you. It has a way of showing you what you are all about. Just how strong you are. Yet, it can also show you how weak you can be. It's absolutely terrifying. Trust me I had my extreme moments of weakness. It was so so hard to be strong. Hard to be judged. Hard to finally stand up to myself even and say "you deserve better, you deserve more, you deserve a life you will love."

So where did I go from there? I went everywhere I wanted to go. I did everything I wanted to do. I ate everything I wanted to eat. I played. I laughed. I loved. I found myself again. I loved myself again.

It has been the hardest three years of my life. I have been tried in every possible way. I have failed and failed again. I have moved and moved and moved….and moved again. I soul searched to the end of the earth. I have finally renewed my relationship with the gospel and my God. I am finally so happy. So happy that sometimes I forget what it took to get me here. To get me to where I am following my dreams. Following my path. Don't get me wrong I still have bad days. Oh my gosh such bad irrational days. But I am so happy. Everything finally feels good again. And when I get asked the question if I could go back would I do it all over again? The answer is simple. If it would take me to where I am now all over again I absolutely would.

So I guess to whomever is reading this and I'm hoping there is someone out there that this can help… If  you are feeling lost and alone through a trial in your life, if things are feeling hopeless, just keep going. If you are trying, you will get there. You will be happy again. It will be worth every second of pain, every tear. Your Father in Heaven loves you. He adores you. He wants the best for you. You just need to want it too.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Talking Sequins & Hair.

My hair is finally getting to the point where it's long enough that I remember why I chopped it off in the first place. This hair is HIGH maintenance. An hour blow dry is about enough to make anyone buzz their head right off. Did I say head? I meant hair. Sort of. BUT I will not make the same mistake again because once my hair is done.. I kind of love it. Most days. Also, chopping it off again just isn't worth the hysterics until two a.m. Just ask my sister.. and my mom..and my dad. Oy vey. 

But also, can we take a minute to admire the sequin elbow patches on this shirt. Que moment of silence.

Ok did you take it all in? SEQUIN ELBOW PATCHES. It's like a dream come true. Or at least something so happy it will make you forget you just dried your hair for a solid sixty minutes.

Anyhow, A Happy Monday to you and yours. Let's get back at it.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Slouchy Love


Ok, ok. So I had a really great week this week. Last week though. That was a doozy. So I feel like I need two weekends just to recover from it all. So I will be dressing comfy and only wearing my hair in a braid. Low maintenance will be my first, middle and last name this weekend. Don't be mad. Or jealous. Just join me in it! You know you want to.

I'll be seeing you on Instagram for all the fun (lazy) times over the weekend. We will be hashtagging something along the lines of #LosLazyWeekend


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LuLu*s The Great Galentine's Giveaway: Win Free Dresses for a Year!!

Valentine's Day may be coming quick but here at LuLu*s , Galentine's day reigns supreme!! Forget the flowers and treat yourself to a year of fresh frocks! LuLu*s is giving away one free dress a month to one lucky gal ( and her best gal pal) for all of 2014! Follow the link to enter and refer your best gal pal with your custom generated link for a chance to WIN:

If you are ever in the need for a cute new dress you should definitely be checking out Lulu*s. AND if you are ever in need for a new dress every month for an entire year…well then you should definitely be entering this amazing giveaway because that could happen for you and one of your best girl friends! 

SO, If you are ever in the need for a cute new dress you should definitely be checking out Lulu*s. AND if you are ever in need for a new dress every month for an entire year…well then you should definitely be entering this amazing giveaway because that could happen for you and one of your best girl friends! I really can't think of a better give away for this time of year! 

Gentri and I teamed up to show you just how fun and amazing LuLu*s dresses are! We also decided to spread the love a little on our Galentine's day out….here's how:

Gentri chose the Just a Twirl dress in black, but it comes in so many amazing colours.

I chose the Allure Me In Beaded Burgundy, which is no longer available but you can find similar looks here & here

A BIG thank you to our fantastic photographer - Clayton GornichecGentri and I had SO much fun getting all dresses up and spreading the love around town. I mean, who doesn't love a free confetti filled balloon! Also, we were looking pretty great thanks to LuLu*s. Don't miss out on this amazing give away! Go enter for you and your BFF now! HERE.
Maybe find a way to spread some love while you're at it!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Is it Summer yet?..Maybe I don't want it to be...

I got this coat as a Christmas gift from my Pops and it has been a life saver! I HATE being cold. Yes I am aware that hate is a strong word, but in this case I seriously mean it. Being cold is my worst enemy. This coat keeps me so so warm and cozy. Now I am debating whether I want winter to be over. On one hand I can't wait to being wearing shorts and tees and running outside again and eating snow cones and all wonderful warm things. On the other hand…I can't wear this coat in the summer…so that's going to stink. I guess it will just give me something to actually look forward to when winter comes around again. Let's not think about that though. Just be in the present right? But most of me just can't wait for the spring/summer. Oh the joy! Ok ok…be in the present…. I'm going to go eat some french fries and spend the rest day cuddling and keeping warm. 


Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Always A Party

Before Christmas holidays I had the privilege of styling this super fun New Years Eve themed shoot. Ok I realize that NYE was a few weeks about but…in my opinion, the party never has to stop. The shoot was so much fun and the people were amazing to work with. The set was gorgeous and everything just came together so brilliantly. So to get you in the party mood all over again, here are some samples of the pictures!...

WARDROBE STYLISTS: Gentri LeeLauren Cooper

HAIR & MAKEUP: Lisa Frehner HairKali Wengreen

HAIR & TABLE DESIGN: Brittney Evanson Hair

SPECIALTY FOODS: Zero Proof Mocktails

FLORAL DESIGN: Flowers By Adrien


Now that you are in the mood and it is Friday after all, go get your party on.