Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After

So who is completely exhausted from all the present opening, laughing, crying, talking, game playing, eating…oh the food that has gone on in this home is ridiculous. It's been amazing and beautiful and exhausting. It all goes by so fast. Too fast. And now the count down to next Christmas begins. Oh wait… you don't count right from the day after? Well I do. Maybe thats whats exhausting. But I love this season. Oh I love it.

Even though Christmas Day is over, the holidays, my friends, are not! Not that you need a good reason to dress up…but if you did, this is the perfect dress! I am so in love with it. You might want be tempted to add a sweater over top in this chilly weather BUT how could you once you see those shoulder details. Scrumptious.

This winter season is a fun one. I don't think I ever admit to it. Yet, it is. I'm having a blast. Only a few more days to soak it all in in this place I call home, with the people I adore most. So I'm off to win some more games and eat some more food…all in my stretchy pants…because I can't wear a dress all the time! Dang.



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