Monday, October 21, 2013

Here's to looking up

"It is better to look up!"

It's been a tough week you guys. One of those weeks that tests you in all possible ways. Tests your ability to choose. Makes you question all of your choices. Made me question if moving here was the right move for me. This kind of confusion usually sends me in to my gypsy ways...Gets me thinking alright well where to next folks! But...

The best advice I have gotten all week (among a TON of amazing advice) was this... "Sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes things happen because that other person is an idiot. Either way it happens and you push through it because well...You are a better person than them and a better person because of it. Just count your blessings now because obviously...*so and so* is cray cray. You are tough. If there is anything anyone knows about you its that you are tough. So just keep going. Don't let an idiot make you an idiot."

So here's to the idiots that make us stronger, who challenge us in every way, who make us realize we can do hard things.

...I'm sticking it out folks! So here's to sticking it out with me!...I ain't mad about it!



  1. I think I have said the word "idiot" a record number of times within the last week. You are great!

  2. You ARE tough! And those idiots do make us stronger.. You are very strong to know that already. It took me quite some time to figure that out.

  3. I would say EVERYTHING happens for a reason. God would not put us in a position that we cannot handle.

  4. that first photo is gorgeous. i really like that advice. very relevant to life lately :P

  5. yes. love this. this feels real. you're great.

    it was cool meeting you today!! :)

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