Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a new home.

So you might have noticed that this little blog has had a big update. A new look and a new name. In a sense it has found a new home. I thought I would just let you in on the reason why.

Tippee Canoe was all about my gypsy life. The last three years that I have spent just wandering about and exploring life. Growing and finding me. It's been good, it's been great and even at times it was less than awesome, but it was exactly what my little soul needed.

Since my move to my own "new home" it hasn't been easy. At times its been really tough. You might wonder why since the last three years have been spent wandering, searching, and being away from my family. This time though it's just so different. After all my journeys and adventures I have always known where I would end up when they were over...home. With my family and in the comforting arms of those whom love me to no end. This move and this adventure isn't a see how it goes, it's a stick it out even when thing get tough. Even when the only answer seems to be to pack it all up and run to those arms that are waiting.

I'm sticking it out.
It's finally starting to feel a little more like my new home. So I guess I just thought my blog needed the update too. No more Tippee Canoe. No more here there and everywhere. Don't worry though....still lots of fun and adventure. Just maybe in an entirely new way. The journey is sticking it out.

So from now on you can call this blog Love, Lo. Like the side bar says...Ramblings from my travels, closet, mind and most importantly...my heart.

Thanks for sticking it all out with me.



  1. LOVE the new design!!!! Change is always good, girl. I'm excited for you:)

  2. i'm so excited for you and for life! :) love you!


  4. The look and the new are beautiful, just like yourself. :) To new adventures!

  5. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I'm so excited to join you on this new blog journey! The design is fantastic and I can't wait to get to know you better! :)

    kailey | living in the rain


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