Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome To Utah

I'm falling in love in Utah...yet...

Change is hard.
Moving is hard.
Driving twelve hours in to the unknown is hard.
Starting a new job is hard.
Being seriously disorganized is hard.
Leaving loved ones is hard.
Especially leaving my little man and my very best friend, is SO stinking hard.

You know what makes things less hard...

The beautiful view.
New adventures.
A very bright future.
Following dreams.
And most of all....
Amazing people. I'm very blessed to have the friends that I have here and also the welcoming families that have taken me in.

Change is hard.
But I'm falling in love in Utah.
I'm excited for things to come.

Stay tuned will ya!



  1. And I am so happy you're here!! Who would have thought? :) love the pictures!! ;)

  2. Moving is never easy... I've lived in 7 different states so far in my life and that's a lot for anyone! However, change means growth and doesn't mean it's easy... Sometimes it's just what we need!

  3. I know everything you have been dong is hard but I am so so proud of you! I neeeed to come visit asap!


  4. Can we talk about these pants?? I am nearly positive I need a pair

  5. Loving your blog! New follower!

    Would love to feature you on my blog for I Am a Mormon Monday. Email me for details if you are interested :)



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