Sunday, August 25, 2013

There is Beauty All Around

Some days just do not turn out the way you have planned. Then there are some days that just SERIOUSLY do not go the way you planned. The kind where you question the fact you even got out of bed that morning. It's inevitable. These days will always happen. I was reminded this weekend that when those days happen you have two choices. You can choose to let it ruin the day you had all so perfectly planned and were excited for. OR. You can choose to be happy and look at it all as an adventure. The later is definitely not easy. It's easy to feel disappointed. It really actually makes sense to be disappointed. 

However, I was reminded to see the beauty around me. Even through the series of unfortunate events. 

The day was supposed to go as planned : Wake up, look cute, venture to the Farmer's Market {I L.O.V.E. farmer's markets}, Spend the day with someone fun(which thankfully was the case no matter the situation) and then go to work for the night.

This is how the day went.... Wake up late, leave late, (don't worry I did look pretty cute), Car breaks down, have to track down the trax and ride it to who knows where, then try to find our way to the Market which is closing in about a half hour. Walk a million miles in shoes that are less than awesome for this. Then some how we find our way to Temple Square. Temple Square in Salt Lake City is more than beautiful in the summer. It is gorgeous. 
On a Saturday in the summer you can imagine just how many weddings were going on. 
I was definitely reminded to see the good in everything and to just be positive even when things are going wrong. 

Then just as I got a burst of optimism the trax back was running late, there was road construction on the way back home and it was pouring rain...and I was late for work. Not to mention I realized my stomach was imploding from hunger and my grocery situation was...unfortunate to say the least.

I worked...I drove home wishing there was a rogue granola bar or something around my vehicle.nope. 
When I got home there was a note attached to some wonderful groceries. I was again reminded to see the good. To be grateful for my blessings.

It was a hard day. A long day. Yet, it was a great great day.

Hoping your weekend left you in happy spirits no matter what happened.


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  1. Sounds pretty much like a regular day for your dear ol' Dad!


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