Thursday, August 1, 2013

Facing disappointment with cheerfulness

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"When God gives you a no, give him a thank you. He was protecting you from less than his best."

The word "no".. As a toddler can send you in to a downward spiral of a temper tantrum. As a child it's a pouty lip and some tears. A first it's the batting of eyes probably followed by the words "you are ruining my life!"

As an adult I have learned SO much more about the word no. I learned to, of all things, trust in the word no. Three years ago I got the biggest,hardest, most disappointing no...but as time has gone on and life has carried on as it does, I have realized that that no was the biggest blessing and provided the most and necessary learning. Does this mean that that two letter word that sometimes feels like a four letter one might actually be a good thing? It can't be... Or can it?

Looking back as a toddler "no" was usually protecting me from something I didn't know would harm me.

A child... "No" was usually preventing me from doing something that may harm me.

A teenager.. Oh where to begin..."No" was always protecting me AND preventing me from doing things that would harm me.

In the moment we think those said no's are holding us back or potentially "ruining" our lives.

Yet, "NO" is a good thing. It is a blessing. It is protection from less than His best for you.

I am so extremely grateful for the no's that I have gotten in my life that without knowing it at the time, have helped get me where I am and make the decisions that I am making now. So excited for the all the yes' that I know are in the future!

Try to remember that at the sting of the next NO in your life. I am.
Because let's face it...things fall apart so something better can fall in to place.

And really...when all else yourself something nice! Like a new pair of sunglasses..because I mean

there isn't much that a cute accessory can't fix.



  1. i love your outlook on things! i need to start looking at my disappointments and times of being told "no" as new opportunities. we are where we are for a reason and embracing the times we have been told no can be such a freeing thing!

  2. Love this, and love the new accessory trick. I need to do that. But what I need to do even more is use cheerfulness.

  3. You are so right. :) love this so much.
    You look gorgeous, as always. Love the shades!!


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