Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer lovin'

skirt - Shabby Apple chambray - GAP necklace - Old Navy
Three things that scream summer to me.

The color yellow.

Lush green plants.

Fresh picked strawberries.

So the sun finally decided to show up...and in full force non the less. But thats how we do it here...It's either raining buckets, snowing bundles, or steaming you like you are in a sauna. Oh-Canada.

Today is also my dear Canada's birthday so we are celebrating by spending our day hiking, basking in the sun and oinking out on good food. Which just so happen to be three other things that scream summer to me! 


Happy Summer and a Happy Monday. Now come share these strawberries with me because they are scrumptious.



  1. Adorable. :) That is such an outfit I would wear. You look so pretty and summery! I need to go buy more strawberries (too bad I don't have anywhere to pick them. BUT my neighbors have a big raspberry bush, so by the time you get here they should be ripe!).

  2. Girlfriend. You're SO beautiful. So so beautiful. xo

  3. love this your so so beautiful and you have great style!!!

  4. Everything about this outfit is perfect! I love skirts like that..and I really adore your hair!

    Xo, Kelsey


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