Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stars & Stripes

My entire life I have always shared my birthday.
When I was little I had no idea I shared it with another country I just knew I shared it with my best friend. 

Now that I know about U.S.A stealing my thunder's just annoying! I mean U.S.A gets fireworks for it's birthday. So jealous. So rude. Share the love! 
I have spent exactly ONE birthday watching fireworks and oh it was glorious.
Sparklers are close enough though ya? no?..ok.

Now down to the point. 


When I look back on the last year it's like so much has happened and not happened all at the same time.
I worked two jobs. Moved two more times. Survived another Canadian winter. 
I went on a lot of new adventures. Travelled. Put a million and one miles on my poor car. Got a seriously needed new car.
I made great amazing wonderful new friends. Grew closer in already existing relationships. Watched the cutest baby in the world turn into the most adorable toddler in the world.
I made tough decisions..some right..some wrong.
I didn't exactly get to where I wanted but I'm getting there! And I am grateful for every experience I have had this past year. In one way or another it all helped me grow. Mostly I am grateful for the people who have been there with me. I love of you.

Most of all, I look forward to this coming year. Twenty four is going to be my year. I can feel it.
I look forward to new opportunities, new challenges, new decisions and most importantly new adventures.It's bound to have its challenges but with that I know it will have some major blessings.
It's just going to be a good year. I know it.

Happy 4th of July... However you are celebrating it! I'll just pretend we are all celebrating together.
Could you send some fireworks my way...I mean...I would really love that.

Now excuse me while I go eat anything my little heart desires...because I hear calories don't count today.



  1. I wish that I had this outfit for the 4th!! you look so GREAT! love it!

  2. Love this outfit! :) happy Birthday! :)

  3. Love this post! I just celebrated my birthday on the 1st, new follower!! Your blog looks lovely :)

  4. You're SO LOVELY beautiful girl!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, again! :) I'm so happy that we have become such good friends. Amazing what this little blog world does. I can't wait to see what life has in store for you, it is going to be amazing, I'm sure of it. :)

    P.S. you look super cute, love this outfit!

  6. 24 will be awesome, it's been good to me!!! what a fun birthday to share...for sure better than sharing with Christmas.

  7. Happy birthday =)

    I love the headband x


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