Monday, June 24, 2013

leather + polka dots + rain boots of course

Boots: similar Jeans:GAP Tee: URBAN-PHILOSOPHY

Ok, so I must be really into white pants or something lately. Either that or maybe they are a subconscious way to brighten up the oh so rainy days. 
I mean seriously you guys it has been raining cats and dogs...and birds, and squirrels, and mice, and cheetahs, and...ok you get the picture. It.Has.Been.Raining. 

But, the ever so optimistic person in me {ha. that made me laugh too} decided to make a mental note of the silver lining when it comes to these dang clouds and rain drops.

one. Look at all of that green...mmm..scrumptious.
two. You don't even have to come up with a good excuse as to why you didn't do your hair. Because that would be ridiculous if you did.
three. You get the ever so great privilege of purchasing a seriously cute pair of rain boots. 
four. No more fire ban threats...bring on the ooey gooey goodness of a perfectly burnt marshmallow.

I've got the cute rain boots and let's be real, I've got this whole not doing my hair thing down, and there is a bag of jumbo marshmallows with my name on them...

So bring on the rain. I kid I kid. Rain you can get the heck out of here, we don't like you anymore and you are kind of ruining everything.

But I'm keepin' the boots....because I mean seriously you guys. These boots. 
The hair though....maybe I should do something about the hair.



  1. Seriously, your hair is amazing.
    Loving this outfit! So fun! You need to come here so we can have marshmallows at my cabin!!!!

  2. Obsessed with that shirt, totally diggin' the hair.

  3. I loves the hair.. and the boots.. and the shirt.. and.. who am I kidding? I just love this whole post. xo

  4. want the shirt. would be cute with anything...try it with a maxi of pencil!!!

  5. your blog is fantastic! you are so beautiful. i am looking forward to what's to come!

  6. I have the same boots ! but I think my dots are a bit bigger !

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