Monday, June 17, 2013

Colorado Lovin'

Oh my. Can you see that beauty.. 3 days just was not enough to soak it all in, but we did our best. So so beautiful, relaxing and fun.

Full of time spent with one of my favourite people, meeting new great people, fishing, boating, good food, good laughs, amazing weather and just some plain old happiness floating around. Oh.So.Good.

The only thing worse than leaving was being stuck in the airport with a delayed flight out. Let me tell you... no matter how much you love people watching, six plus hours is enough to make you start losing all faith in humanity. There are all kinds out there.

I won't lie, I was overly bummed. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't be. Bummed about leaving, bummed about missing people, bummed about the delay, bummed about the pilot coming over the intercom and saying "sorry for the delay folks, we were experiencing mechanical difficulties that we are still recovering from." ummm isn't it like pilot one-oh-one to never ever say anything like that? It's like we learn in dental school...NEVER say the words "oops", "uh-oh", or anything along those lines. Maybe that pilot missed that day in flying school. Oy. But then I got to hang out with a pretty darn cool five year old who shared his gum because it "helps your ears not explode." and who thinks he lives in heaven because he has horses and cows and oh my goodness baby chicks. Brought me back to the innocence and beauty of this world and helped me to just be grateful for the last few days.

I'm so blessed to have been able to travel even more, which is what I love doing.
So blessed to have certain people in my life whom I just kind of adore.

Oh, and I saw not one but two of my favourite animal... a moose! A baby one at that..sooo it doesn't get much better than that.

Here's hoping your weekend was as good as mine...without any delays.



  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. Beautiful photos. Sorry to hear about your delays, but happy you made it home safe!

  2. I just book a flight for my birthday (in October) to Colorado. It's my first time there and these pictures just made me even more excited!!!

  3. THIS is exactly why I want to head back to Colorado in the summer. We visited for the first time over Christmas this past year and I fell in love. I imagine I'd go and never want to come back in the summer! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos!!! ox


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