Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Week : Day Two

So Valentines Day is typically just ONE day out of the year and well that just seems silly to me. So here is one way to keep a memory of love day. Also it smells delicious so I mean that can't hurt either.

You Need:

1. A jar - Can be whatever kind you want! Even a mason jar would be cute. 

2. Twine

3. Those lovely lovely roses or whatever kind of flowers your love bug gets you.

How To:

1. Dry those fantastic flowers. I hang mine on a clothes hanger upside down with an elastic. 

2. Take the pedals off.

3. Put them all in the jar.

4. Put the lid on and then tie the twine around the jar making a bow. Or a few bows.

Cute cute and easy! And your lover will be so happy to see that those flowers didn't go to waste in the trash bin.



  1. Totes diggin this idea far better than just hanging those roses we save!! I think putting them in a jar by your bedside is wayyy more fancy pants ;)

  2. Oh I love it! I need to remember this and pass on the idea :)

  3. Love it! So simple and beautiful. And your photos are lovely, too.


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