Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maxi Time

Maxi Dress & Blouse - CalledToSurf, Shoes - AE

Am I being so ridiculous doing another Spring time fashion post? Didn't think so.
Don't let the looks of that snow fool you. The weather has been unseasonably warm over here. I am supposed to being living in the great white north but it has decided to be nice to this cold weather hater. Not mad. Not mad one bit!

I am a firm believer that a maxi dress can solve even the worst of days. Put a maxi dress/skirt on and you automatically run the world. No joke. Or at least you feel that way anyways. Let's be honest, that really is all that matters. Layer it up, or don't. They are cute and casual no matter what. Ahh. Simple and fashionable all at the same time. Now who could ask for more. 

Not this girl. This girl loves simple!

So buy a maxi why don't you & get yourself in the spring or traveling mode!



  1. adorable! Your hair is perfect and you styled that maxi flawlessly!

  2. Your hair is fantastic, and that maxi is too cute!
    So happy I stumbled across your blog :)


  3. ok - so don't take this the wrong way but i want to cut off your hair and make a wig for myself out of it.
    LOVE this whole post.

  4. loveeeee this look girlie!! you look fab!!!

  5. You look so beautiful! That dress looks amazing on you:)


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