Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And A Happy New Year

This New Years Eve was spent in the mountains. With some lovely scenery and some seriously lovely ladies. The rest of the night...a little less lovely BUT that's another story for another time. Possibly when we can look back and laugh at it. Either way it was a good way to start a new. A good time for a fresh start. Twenty-Thirteen is sure to be a year of new choices, new decisions, new trials and new blessings. 
The quote up there is my one and only resolution for 2013. I'm getting rid of all the negativity in my life and anything that may bring that negativity in to my life also. A'int no one got time for that! 
I pray for strength, growth and happiness for us all to get through this next wonderful, adventurous year.



  1. That quote is AMAZING! I totally need to remember that. I get better with age and wisdom, but it's still hard to let go sometimes!

  2. I'm glad I found this blog. Happy New Year to you as well!!!


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