Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Today I Am A Snowflake...

 ...Someone around here has to be. Since you can see that clearly there isn't any on the ground, in the air, on the trees, on the roofs. No.Where. I complaining about there being no snow? Something is clearly wrong with this picture besides the fact that it is December nineteenth and there is not a drop of white fluffiness in sight.
I hate snow, this isn't news to you, but it means Christmas.

This indecisiveness on feelings about snow can also be the explanation why I obviously should win worst blogger of the year award. Umm hey I haven't been seen since the sixth!
If you are new around here I will explain why this happens every once in a while. If you are not new around here than I'm sure you knew I would be back and so thanks for sticking around.

Here is the thing with me. I have no filter when it comes to talking. Like literally I don't think about things that are coming out of my mouth until they are already out there and I'm like...whoa wait..that was inappropriate. Anyways, when it comes to feelings not so much. Filter is full on. This tends to give me writers block.

So obviously lately my emotions have been a little hap hazard. Crazy. Even a hurricane of emotion if you will. I am at a cross roads. It's about that time where my tippeecanoe life is kicking in and I am antsy. Antsy for change. Antsy for adventure. Yet, indecisive. No surprise there.

Anywho, I am back! again.. and will keep you updated on the happenings around here. Lucky you guys!

P.S. - Puhleeease check your inbox's to see if you are the winner of the rose gold watch! I haven't heard back from that lovely and would love love to get it too you in time for at least a Happy New Year gift! Because who wouldn't want to wear rose gold to ring in the New Year? I know I will be!



  1. Cutest outft and um can I haz your hair?! :)

  2. Love this outfit and the fact that you're a snowflake. :) Come visit me! There's snow here! :D
    And I totally know how you feel, but you know that. :)

  3. I'll take the watch if it's not claimed ahha. Cute outfit! And yes your hair is to die for!

  4. Love that sweater and your hair blows me way. Lovely!

    It was 70 degrees here yesterday in Alabama. Today it's raining and 55 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms. UM? WTF? Needless to say it hasn't felt like Christmas at all. I'm looking forward to being in the Colorado mountains by Sunday :)

  5. I love that sweater! and your hair is beautiful!!

  6. Ok - I have to do a little comparing and just say that your hair is STUNNING!


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