Monday, November 5, 2012

I Moustache You A Question

Ladies! Get the bed on the couch ready for the Hubs and put your leg razors away!
It's Movember!

But in all seriousness head on over to to learn more and see how you can donate and make a difference! 
Turn this month full of crazy staches and scratchy filled kisses into something worth while!

Happy Monday! Get your Mo Grow on!



  1. My hubs is growing his beard out for Movember at work. Maybe I need to do my own! hahaha!


  2. hey! I saw your post about this last year, and totally encouraged my fiance to do it, although he didn't need much encouragement... (and posted about it too!) nice post title ;)
    also, i really love your blog! come say hey, if you get a chance!


  3. haha this is hilarious i love that moustache! and can i not shave for my legs for a whole month? it would be great but not sure if my husband would appreciate it ha!


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